February 8, 2023


African Pygmy Hedgehogs are omnivores and also consume a great deal of points. They can take in some meats, some veggies, and also some fruits. An almost all of their diet plan consist of fibers (in the wild, they obtain this from pests). This is why tamed pet dog hedgehogs require a high healthy protein, high fiber, reduced fat diet plan for them to stay healthy and balanced.

Canned Food

Any completely dry pet cat food normally offers the fundamental nourishment they require, and also can be made use of as their standard diet plan. But bear in mind to take notice of the fat material of the pet cat food – light formulas are more effective. Hedgehogs are vulnerable to excessive weight, which can result in cardiovascular disease!

Most damp pet cat foods have greater healthy protein material than completely dry ones, yet they can be made use of as a periodic reward for your hog. Some proprietors have actually reported that feeding them damp pet cat food can influence their feces.

An African Pygmy Hedgehog can additionally be provided infant food as a periodic reward.


Owners can feed their pygmy hedgehog prepared hen or turkey. Avoid feeding them various other meats as might consist of much more fat than is more effective. Feed hedgies lean hen components, and also stay clear of providing hen skin!


Feed your pygmy hedgehog carrots, peas, squash, pleasant potato, corn, turnip to name a few veggies. Do this in modest quantities and also in little sections. Avoid feeding your hedgie onions, garlic, and also natural herbs.

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Chopped fruits benefit the pygmy hedgehog’s diet plan. Pet hedgehogs can be fed some berries, bananas and also watermelon. But keep in mind that these are high in sugar, and also hedgies might get even more weight when these are taken in regularly.

Hedgehog Feeds

Some shops supply hedgehog total diet plan packs made from grains and also pest feeds. These are excellent resources of fiber and also healthy protein. Lace your pet dogs dishes with the periodic pest deals with offered in shops, one of the most typical of which are mealworms and also cricket.

Hedgie No-Nos

It might be smarter to recognize which kinds of food you ought to stay clear of providing your pet dog. The Pygmy Hedgehog is lactose-intolerant; do stay clear of feeding the hedgie milk items as they might create belly issues. Avoid providing your pygmy hedgehog nuts and also seeds as these might trigger choking. Raisins and also delicious chocolate needs to additionally be prevented as they are hazardous to pets. Never feed your pet dog convenience food or sweet!

A hedgehog is normally regarded as a picky eater. With this entire variety of choices, proprietors can attempt exploring on their hedgie’s dishes. It is essential to be individual with them – picking the appropriate dish is an excellent method to create a long-term bond with your pet dog.