June 18, 2024


Thinking concerning obtaining a hedgehog! That’s fantastic information! Before you bring your brand-new spiky buddy house, make sure you have a great option of food handy.


The basis of a healthy and balanced hedgehog diet regimen need to be pests and also various other invertebrates. In the wild, hedgehogs would certainly have indulged hugely on an array of delicious pests, beetles, and also worms! Feeling squeamish? Don’t be. You do not require to go outdoors and also dig in the dust for pests. This might really be really hazardous for your hedgie’s health and wellness as lots of pests in the environment have actually been thoroughly revealed to harmful chemicals. Hedgehogs have really been understood to pass away after consuming infected pests.

The ideal resource for nourishing pests is your neighborhood pet dog shop or on-line supplier. Look for beetles, crickets, and also dish worms. Dislike pests? No issue. Place your container of pests right into the fridge freezer. This will certainly eliminate the pests yet maintain them fresh and also maintained. Just make sure to allow them thaw prior to offering.

Each dish must consist of 6 pests.


In enhancement to pests, you will certainly intend to feed your hedgehog a selection of lean healthy proteins. For this factor you will really intend to stay clear of industrial hedgehog food and also reduced high quality pet cat food as both items often tend to be really high in fat and also ingredients. You can quickly offer your hedgehog will certainly outstanding resources of healthy protein by offering prepared shrimp, skinless hen bust, or turkey bust reduced right into tiny items. Just see to it whatever meat you offer is prepared, not raw.

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If you desire to feed your hedgehog ready foods, seek premium quality damp and also completely dry pet cat foods. How can you identify high quality? Read the tags! Look for foods that recognize such as “hen bust.” Do not go for unclear terms such as “fowl” as this suggests a reduced food quality. Also stay clear of any kind of food with great deals of chemicals, sugarcoated, or fats.

Fresh Foods!

Hedgehogs take pleasure in vegetables and fruit reduced right into tiny items. Good foods consist of Apples, asparagus, bananas, carrots, eco-friendlies, wonderful peppers. Foods to stay clear of consist of peas and also corn as they consist of excessive sugar and also phosphorus. Finally, these foods need to be prevented totally as they are not secure for hedgehogs!

  • Avocados
  • Chocolate
  • Grapes and also raisins – Will create body organ failing.
  • Milk and also Dairy Products – Hedgehogs can not absorb these foods. Stomach troubles and also looseness of the bowels will certainly adhere to.
  • Nuts and also Seeds – Many hedgehogs will certainly obtain nuts and also seeds embeded the roof covering of their mouths. Some have actually additionally been understood to inadvertently gouge their very own eyes out attempting to obtain a nut or seed out of their coverings.