May 18, 2024


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Enhancing your cat’s life with a various vary of cat pleasant flowers will be extraordinarily enriching and comes with an entire host of advantages, for you and your cat! In reality, the precise cat pleasant crops may even assist your cat drop some pounds, struggle an infection, alleviate itching, and a lot extra.

Do the perfect by your feline good friend and fill their area with backyard crops and houseplants which can be secure for cats.

Cat Friendly House Plants

Our listing of indoor crops which can be secure for cats.

Spider Plant – perennial flowering plant.

Cat Benefits: This plant is non poisonous for cats however it’s nonetheless suggested to not let your kitty eat the leaves!

Human Benefits: Easy to take care of.

Catnip – plant.

Cat Benefits: Helps cats chill out and makes them extra playful, many cats love having a nibble on this plant!

Human Benefits: Can be utilized in tea to spice up temper and scale back anxiousness.

Chinese Money Plant – missionary plant.

Cat Benefits: Non-toxic however may cause an upset abdomen if ingested.

Human Benefits: Easy to take care of and historically thought to carry luck to the house.

Cat Grass 

Cat Benefits: Aids digestion.

Human Benefits: Fewer hairballs to wash up!

Parlor Palm – Chamaedorea elegans.

Benefits: Air purifying.

Cat Friendly Outdoor Plants

Our listing of out of doors and backyard crops which can be secure for cats.

Lemonbalm – tropical herb.

Cat Benefits: Insect-repellent, relives stress, relieves indigestion, and can be utilized to deal with your cats wounds.

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Human Benefits: Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and nice for cooking Thai meals!

Chamomile – daisy-like plant.

Cat Benefits: Reduces stress and promoted leisure.

Human Benefits: Easy to develop and nice for companion planting in the event you develop greens and herbs. Chamomile attracts helpful bugs too!

Fern – vascular plant.

Cat Benefits: Most varieties are non-toxic to cats and current nice camouflage for enjoying and hiding.

Human Benefits: Easy to develop and thrives in low gentle.

Japanese Maple  deciduous shrub.

Cat Benefits: Low-branching and vibrant for enjoyable hidey locations.

Human Benefits: Can make for a tasty snack, fried maple leaves are very talked-about in Japan!

Peppermint – herb.

Cat Benefits: Relieves stress, cats take pleasure in enjoying, nibbling and rolling round in peppermint.

Human Benefits: Antioxidant properties, may even assist with pores and skin situations!

Cat-Friendly Garden Tour – By ProtectaPet Customer Lauren Whitmore

See how Lauren has made her backyard enriching for her cats!

Worried about what crops could also be poisonous to cats? See the total listing by clicking right here. 

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