April 14, 2024


What do you do when your city is overwhelmed by rats? There are the pest control operator and also toxin choices, yet after that you would certainly be placing the city and also all its living residents in danger of poisonous direct exposure. As Tree House Humane Society of Chicago describes, “Common techniques utilized to manage rats, such as toxin, gassing, and also catches are inefficient temporary services.”

And in a huge city, one the dimension of Chicago, rats can discover a continual buffet as “waste and also pet feces stand for a continual food supply for rats.” But there’s a a lot more all-natural service to rat elimination, one confirmed to function time after time for centuries, and also it’s called the feral pet cat!


The initial rat removers, feral pet cats are understood to minimize the rodent populace in a location many thanks to the reactions of both the feline and also the rat. While pet cats definitely search rats, their simple existence is a deterrent to rats. The odor of a feline informs a rat threat exists right here, and also away they go!

The Rattiest City

And this sort of aid is simply what the city of Chicago required. With rats taking control of the roads and also houses, Chicago has actually made the title of “rattiest city in America” by Orkin Exterminators for 6 years running. To assist with the vermin extra of the city, Tree House Humane Society designed Cats at Work, a program that sees feral pet cats positioned on ready residential properties to manage the rat troubles.

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Tree House’s Sarah Liss described, “We have actually had a great deal of our customers inform us that prior to they had pet cats, they would certainly tip outside their residence and also rats would really stumble upon their feet.”

And with over 1,000 feral pet cats positioned throughout Chicago, the rats get on the run!


But do not assume a hairy crowd of feral pet cats came down upon the Chicago roads in one dropped swoop. The pet cats were launched over a duration of virtually 10 years with the Cats at Work program start in 2012.

How it Works

Interested celebrations initially use online. Once candidates are authorized, “pet cats are positioned 2 or 3 at once right into domestic or industrial setups in order to offer eco-friendly rodent control.”


“Property and also company owner offer food, water, sanctuary, and also health to the pet cats that benefit them. In most instances, our Cats at Work end up being precious family members or group and also some also have their very own Instagram web pages.”

As feral pet cats, much of these felines aren’t suggested for the interior life, yet the Cats at Work nests “make certain they’re living their finest lives.”

To find out more, go to Cats at Work online. You can likewise call or email the Tree House neighborhood pet cats group at 773-262-4000 x114 or communitycats@treehouseanimals.org.


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