January 31, 2023


Think quick: When was the final time you loved a date evening? The pandemic has pressured native eating places to shut or change to takeout and us to hunker down for — checks notes — virtually a 12 months. It’s made it tough to go wherever, not to mention bask in a date evening.


It’s additionally given us a brand new appreciation for our cats, who’ve, on the very least, put up with our being residence on a regular basis whereas additionally giving us somebody to snuggle.

So, as Valentine’s Day approaches, let’s take into account re-imagining date evening.

“We can reward ourselves and our little buddies who’ve been there for us by way of this complete tough time,” says Samantha Bell, a cat knowledgeable and movie star and leisure relations coordinator at Best Friends Animal Society.

When we plan a date evening with our vital different, we attempt to think about methods to shock them and make them joyful. Take the identical strategy along with your cat. Remember, cats are wild animals in their very own heads. For every exercise, Samantha suggests asking your self, “What would a wild cat residing their greatest life need?

“Let’s give them an opportunity to expertise what they’re meant to do,” Samantha says.

You can do that by planning a day that appeals to all 5 of your cat’s senses. Samantha gives ideas for learn how to take a stroll on the wild aspect along with your feline buddy this Valentine’s Day.


Wild cats hunt for meals and enjoyable. They love recognizing prey like fish, mice, birds and little bugs. “Obviously, we don’t need to convey these items into our properties,” Samantha says. “There are a number of superb issues on-line.” She suggests Googling “movies for cats.” You’ll discover hour-long movies of birds in baths and aquariums with fish that rapidly dart backwards and forwards. “Putting a video on the large display screen for ambiance throughout dinner will make the cat joyful and excited,” Samantha says. “After dinner, possibly watch an animal documentary.” Samantha’s cat loves Blue Planet. 

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A cat’s sense of odor is at the very least 14 instances higher than ours. “Scent is their strongest sense,” Samantha says. “When they acknowledge one another … or are enthusiastic about one thing, it’s due to scent.” Samantha believes “scent buffets” could be enjoyable for cats. Catnip and valerian root (which is commonly present in cat toys and is obtainable on Amazon) are musts, however take into consideration introducing Kitty to one thing new. “Novel scents are nice enrichment for cats,” Samantha says. If a buddy or neighbor has a gerbil or hamster, ask for shavings from their cage.

Also, do Kitty a favor and skip the fragrance you’d put on if heading out on a date along with your vital different. “It provides them a headache,” Samantha says.

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Treat your cat to one thing new. Instead of kibble or typical moist meals, which is often rooster, turkey or beef-flavored, go for one thing like venison, salmon or duck. Some manufacturers make most of these meals in cans. Or, give Kitty one thing further particular.  “You can put together fish for your self and depart a bit bit in your cat that you don’t season,” says Samantha. FYI: Garlic and onions are toxic to cats, so that you’ll need to be certain Kitty’s deal with doesn’t have any of that in it.


Create a soundtrack in your date evening that’s music to Kitty’s ears. At dinner, go for one thing soothing, like classical music or one thing made for cats. Musician David Teie has created playlists at a frequency cats get pleasure from. After dinner, play sounds of their prey, like birds, mice and gerbils. “When they hear these noises, they get very excited and need to play,” Samantha says.

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Never leave pole type toys out. Always supervise cats around them. Photo by Shutterstock.

Photo by Shutterstock.


While Kitty is excitedly listening to prey sounds, make her really feel like she’s truly looking. Try a wand toy. “Really get into it,” Samantha says. “Don’t simply swing it backwards and forwards. Put it on the bottom, have it spherical a nook, so the cat actually feels prefer it’s looking it. They’ll seize it and chunk it and really feel pleased with themselves.” And it’ll make your cat fall in love with you over again. “It’ll actually bond you along with your cat while you give them the chance to do one thing they actually needed to do,” Samantha says.

Need a Date?

If you might have room in your house and coronary heart, Samantha believes cats make the right fur-ever dates. “The companionship of animals has been proven to cut back stress, decrease blood strain and reduce despair and nervousness, serving to folks to really feel calmer and safer when the information from the surface world is distressing,” she says. This adoption guidelines might help you determine whether or not you’re able to make the leap into cat parenthood.

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