January 31, 2023
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If you’re a cat dad or mum, then you definitely’ve in all probability been there. Slightly paw making an attempt to achieve its approach underneath the closed door. A furry spectator watching you bathe. Yes, we’re speaking about cats following you into the lavatory.

We all know every thing a cat does is on their very own phrases. Unlike our canine mates, cats treasure consuming alone, pooping alone, and generally sleeping alone. So why do cats select to observe us to the lavatory? Is this odd conduct innocent, or is your cat making an attempt to speak one thing extra?

From “regular” cat conduct to well being considerations, let’s check out among the causes your cat follows you to the lavatory.

Why Do Cats Follow You Into The Bathroom?

If you’re feeling such as you at all times have a furry potty associate within the lavatory (I do!), you’re not alone. In truth, one British survey discovered {that a} third of survey takers permit their pets within the lavatory with them. Here are seven potential causes your cat needs to affix you within the commode.

#1: It’s Part of Their Routine

“Cats are creatures of behavior,” says Dr. Mark Biehl, DVM, proprietor of the College Station CatClinic in Wheaton, in response to an article by Homeward Trail Animal Rescue. “Cats have a very good inner clock [and] know when their house owners are getting up, once they’re going to depart for work, and once they’re going to come back residence once more.” It solely is smart that your typical lavatory morning routine will simply be a part of your cat’s on a regular basis routine, too.

ragdoll kitty drinking from a bathroom faucet

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#2: Because They Love You

“Cats can generally be extra delicate of their indicators of affection—for some cats love means sitting subsequent to you on the sofa or simply being in the identical room with you. For different cats, it means they’re sitting in your lap purring or demanding consideration,” says Rover’s resident cat skilled, Dr. Mikel Maria Delgado.

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If you and your cat have a particular bond, it’s probably she’s genuinely interested by what you’re as much as and needs to spend time with you. Your feline shadow may need caught on to the truth that the lavatory is a spot she will usually discover you sitting, generally together with your heat lap uncovered! Slightly invasive, maybe, however it simply means she loves you.

#3: Separation Anxiety

Joining in in your morning routine might be a innocent conduct, but when your cat exhibits different indicators of hyper-attachment, she could also be experiencing separation nervousness. During the pandemic, we’ve modified our day by day routines, work schedules, and our residence life. As creatures of behavior, your cat could also be reacting to adjustments in her routine—this might particularly be true when you’ve returned to the workplace and your cat is immediately now not a Zoom assembly celebrity.

grey cat eyes the camera from sitting inside a bathroom sink

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If following you to the lavatory is accompanied by extreme grooming, atypical aggressive conduct, a swishing tail, and different behavioral clues, VCA Hospitals suggests making an attempt out independence coaching, a approach to assist your pet be taught to be snug once you’re not round—discover ways to within the steps outlined within the VCA’s article about stopping separation nervousness in pets.

#4: Your Cat Wants to Play

With limitless cool surfaces, smells, and a plethora of enjoyable “toys”—my cat Atlas likes to play with the bathe curtain and the lavatory rug—the lavatory is a kitty playground! But in case your mischievous feline begins to get into issues she shouldn’t—like the lavatory trash—she could be telling you that she’s bored and wishes extra enriching actions.

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#5: Your Cat Is Curious

Curiosity made the cat fall into the bath. That’s the saying, proper? For curious felines, the lavatory is filled with marvel and awe. Close the lavatory door and their curiosity has by no means been extra piqued, making it much more attractive to get in there earlier than they miss all enjoyable. Just like their pure intuition to drink from the tap, cats have an intuition to be curious.

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#6: Your Cat Is Hungry

If your cat is following you round to the lavatory (amongst different locations), she could be asking you for a snack. Cats are pure grazers, so it’s not unusual to your cat to wish to eat small meals all through the day. Watch your kitty to see if she can be meowing and pawing at her empty bowl—and needless to say as with people, weight problems or underfeeding in cats can result in severe well being issues. So, it’s greatest to speak to your vet about your cat’s very best weight and weight loss plan and the way usually she must be fed.

#7 Positive Reinforcement

Some nights, my cat Lyra beats me into the lavatory. I’ll discover her sitting on the counter patiently ready for her enamel to be brushed (true story, I swear!). She is aware of that each evening after I brush her enamel, she is rewarded along with her most favourite deal with: coconut oil. This is constructive reinforcement—educating fascinating behaviors by introducing a constructive stimulus after your cat (or canine) performs these behaviors.

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While chances are you’ll or might not be brushing your cat’s pearly whites, there’s a good likelihood you’re offering some sort of constructive reinforcement each time she follows you into the lavatory. It might be a morning dialog together with your chatty feline, an elevator-bum-worth scratch, and even choosing her as much as place her exterior of the lavatory. Whatever consideration you give her, she’s discovered the lavatory is the place to get it!

Cat brushing teeth

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Does My Cat Know What I’m Doing within the Bathroom?

Cats are super-sniffers, so likelihood is they know once you’re doing what you are promoting. Unlike people, they don’t get grossed out and are simply the other—curious! To cats, scents include plenty of info. As for showering, flossing our enamel, or shaving—your cat in all probability has no clue what you’re doing, however it positive is attention-grabbing!

The Takeaway

It’s completely regular to your cat to be interested by what you’re as much as, or to make your routine their routine—even when it means following you into the lavatory! If you’re observing different uncommon or harmful behaviors along with being your trusty feline shadow, it’s greatest to speak together with your vet.

If you determine that privateness is what you want within the lavatory, you possibly can redirect your cat’s consideration elsewhere with a toy, meals puzzle, or different enriching exercise. And after all in terms of cats, it’s at all times good to be reminded that it’s their world, and also you’re simply dwelling in it!

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