January 31, 2023


cat scratching tree

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Scratching is an innate, all-natural feline actions. Just like their bros and also siblings in the wild, a residential pet cat requires to scrape.

Indoor- just felines really feel an inherent obsession to scrape, yet often they do it in troublesome areas– like the leg of a chair or your preferred sofa. They generally choose a handful of very noticeable things in their setting to make use of for scraping. This notes their region for any individual that may be strolling by.

Important: There’s no other way to quit a feline from the ground up neither need to you intend to. But you can show an interior pet cat to scrape in appropriate areas. A scraping message or pet cat tree is required for the pet cat to do their scraping properly.

Here’s what you need to understand about scraping, and also what you can do to reroute your pet cat’s clawing actions.

Why Do Cats Scratch?

Generally, felines scrape to achieve the following:

  • Communicate: This is where I live.
  • Mark region: Sweat glands in the pet cat’s foot pad leave a scent pointer that this is a feline’s location. Other felines scent it and also recognize where their close friend– or opponent– has actually been.
  • Exercise: Cats scrape for workout. The act of extending and also scraping is enjoyable and also maintains the pet cat’s muscular tissues toned. Think exactly how great it really feels when you extend initial point in the early morning.
  • Shape up claws: Scratching gets rid of the dead external layer of the front claws, enabling the brand-new nail to expand beneath.
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How To Use Scratching Posts To Redirect Behavior

Photo taken in Wellington, New Zealand

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Any scraping blog posts you obtain for your pet cat needs to go to the very least 3 feet high with a tough, strong base. The pet cat requires to be able to rise, dig their claws right into the top of the message, and also draw them right to all-time low of the message.

This extends their back and also muscular tissues appropriately and also exercises their claws. A feline tree with space to scrape or climb up and also cubby openings to delve right into offers a feline numerous possibilities to exercise their muscular tissues and also claws.

Make certain the scraping message and also pet cat tree are tough and also well balanced so they do not fall over when your pet cat leaps or gets on them. If a tool tips over and also terrifies your pet cat, they may never ever utilize it once more.

Remember to examine the product on the scraping message. Good scraping blog posts frequently are covered in sisal, a rope-like product that felines like. If your pet cat is scraping on your rug or sofa, you do not desire a damaging message covered in likewise textured product. This puzzles your pet cat and also makes them uncertain of where they need to scrape.

Some felines like to scrape flat– for them, there are cost-effective scratchers constructed from corrugated cardboard.

To tempt your pet cat to scrape in the ideal location, scrub some catnip on the scraping message. Reward the pet cat with a reward the initial couple of times they make use of the message to enhance this ideal actions.

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With any type of good luck, your pet cat will certainly master it rapidly. And your sofa, drapes, and also preferred chair will certainly continue to be undamaged.

Does your pet cat like to scrape? How do you make certain they stay with their scraping message rather than the furnishings? Let us recognize in the remarks listed below!

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