September 23, 2023


Thanks to an effective partnership created by World Land Trust, Saving Nature, American Bird Conservancy, and also Rainforest Trust, and also neighborhood land proprietors (La Zebra and also Tierra y Río), the Colombian preservation company Fundaci ón Biodiversa Colombia had the ability to protect 3,839 acres, virtually increasing the dimension of its El Silencio Natural Reserve to 6,844 acres.

This most recent land procurement links the location’s 2 major woodland spots via wild animals passages, safeguarding the biggest adjoining woodland in the Magdalena Valley in northColombia This environment is of excellent value to the Critically Endangered Brown Spider Monkey and also Blue- billed Curassow, along with 3 various other intimidated and also native to the island ape varieties, Lowland Tapirs, pet cats consisting of Puma, Ocelot, and also Jaguar, virtually 300 bird varieties, threatened wood trees, and also various other wild animals. In enhancement, the book’s marshes and also riparian woodlands are very important for the Magdalena River Turtle, American Manatee, American Crocodile, and also fish varieties of excellent financial worth to neighborhood neighborhoods. These very same riparian woodlands at El Silencio are essential wintering locations for Prothonotary Warblers, which nest in the eastern United States.

In study released in The Condor: Ornithological Applications in 2019, Christopher Tonra at Ohio State University and also associates examined geolocator tag information from Prothonotary Warblers and also discovered that many birds recouped wintered in the location of Colombia’s Magdalena River Valley.

Blue- billed Currasow, copyright Brian R Field, from the surfbirds galleries

In 2020, a Blue- billed Curassow was videotaped along a course surrounding a woodland repair story within El Silencio Reserve, elevating hope that these birds currently constant lately brought back environment on previous field lands.

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“This is really amazing, not just since this verifies the success of the repair purpose, yet additionally since it is actually near the study terminal, which will certainly enable us to research and also observe the varieties much more conveniently,” states Fernando Arbalaez, Executive Director of Fundaci ón Biodiversa Colombia.