March 2, 2024


woman hugging kitty on hug your cat day

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You don’t need to be a brainiac to determine how one can rejoice Hug Your Cat Day on June 4th.

However, you do need to watch out — and possibly even a bit bit sneaky — in relation to efficiently giving your feline a hug.

Here’s a step-by-step information to mastering the strikes that may make your Hug Your Cat Day successful for you and your kitty greatest pal.

Hug Your Cat Day Is Not For Every Feline

woman hugging cat

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First up, let’s be trustworthy about this: Some cats don’t precisely benefit from the human contact. If you end up dwelling with a cat who’s susceptible to working away, hissing, and even swiping at you whenever you try to choose them up, you would possibly need to rethink your idea of what a superb cat hug is.

In these circumstances, the good strategy to proceed is to respect your cat’s area and limits. You could need to gently try to sneak in a bit human-to-feline bodily contact as an alternative of a full hug.

Maybe resting your hand on kitty’s again for a second will suffice — maybe even laying your head subsequent to your hand. Consider it a skittish hug and transfer on.

Other Kitties Are Ready For The Hugs!

girl hugging cat

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If your cat is completely tremendous with you choosing them up and usually fussing over them, you could determine what kind of hug you’re going to bless them with.

Traditionalists prefer to scoop up their cat, at all times supporting the physique, and cradle them like a child. That’s a hug, for positive.

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A professional tip is to make use of the nook of your elbow as a helpful chin perch in your cat.

woman hugging cat

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Another tactic is to let your cat sit in your lap and start a petting or grooming session. After the purring kicks in, you may then sit ahead a bit and cuddle your feline.

Most vital of all, when you’ve mastered the artwork of hugging your cat, you’ll must finagle a strategy to snap a selfie of you and your feline in the course of a contented hug. This is the place you’ll want a really affected person cat and a really regular digital camera hand — observe is essential.

Of course, a number of tasty treats can encourage your cat to take a seat good for a hug, and so they can present a pleasant reward so kitty will come to know that hugs are a superb factor!

Are you going to hug your kitty on Hug Your Cat Day? Or does your cat desire a lighter contact and mild pets? Let us know within the feedback under!