April 14, 2024


Originally released January 2018; modified February 2021.

Mid-February is the moment of year when the globe’s shapely turns over and also birds gradually begin to turn around instructions– towards their springtime (or, in the Southern Hemisphere, fall) haunts once again. The Great Backyard Bird Count is created to catch that minute of serenity and also offer researchers an image of bird populaces at one extreme of the year. Over its 3-decade background it has actually broadened from a 2-country matter (UNITED STATE and also Canada) to an international experience that tallies regarding 60% of the globe’s bird varieties. It’s one vacation that’s completely positioned as a great reason to venture out your field glasses and also not place them pull back once again for 4 entire days. Here’s exactly how to maximize it– for you and also for the birds.

It all beginnings with simply 3 very easy guidelines:

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  • Watch and also matter birds for at the very least 15 mins on Feb 12, 13, 14, or 15, 2021
  • Keep track of how much time you counted
  • Start a brand-new matter for every brand-new location or day/time

Go to your favored place– or any kind of place. It does not need to be your yard; it can be anywhere. Literally anywhere onEarth We have actually had individuals in Antarctica matter penguins. We have actually likewise had great deals of matters from city facilities and also kitchen area home windows. All birds anywhere is what we’re going for– and also “your” birds are as essential as anybody else’s.

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Greet ’em with a feeder or 2. You do not have to enjoy birds at a feeder– yet if you’re counting in your home it’s a fantastic means to up the task. We have actually obtained great deals of recommendations and also recommendations regarding what type of feeders to utilize, the benefits of birdbaths, and also what type of food each bird varieties suches as finest.

Grab your very own gaggle. Bird seeing is enjoyable in a team, and also additional eyes suggest you’ll usually see even more. Grab a buddy, kid, grandchild, moms and dad, partner, or relative– you can also publish them an engagement certification after that as a badge of satisfaction.

Get all set to enter your discoveries. You’ll require a cost-free Cornell Lab account. (If you utilize eBird, Bird Academy, Project FeederWatch, or NestWatch, you currently have one.) Your account makes it possible for all your discoveries to go efficiently right into the main eBird data source, where they’re readily available for researchers to evaluate. You can get in discoveries utilizing our cost-free applications (click the web links for complete guidelines): Merlin Bird ID (fantastic for newbies) or eBird Mobile (for getting in complete lists); or you can utilize our eBird internet site.

Gear up with cost-free applications. Our eBird Mobile application will certainly track exactly how much you strolled, how much time you have actually been out birding for, and also will certainly allow you get in information directly from the area, making information entrance regarding as very easy as can be. And our Merlin Bird ID application can assist you limit which sparrow, chickadee, or finch you saw, and also permits you to keep discoveries one by one.

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Psst … you can enjoy counting birds on any kind of day of the year. So if you miss out on the Great Backyard Bird Count– or simply do not wish to quit– you can utilize these exact same suggestions to count and also get in birds right into eBird any kind of and also daily of the year.

More concerns? See the main GBBC Frequently Asked Question web page and also the How to Participate web page for even more descriptions and also instances. There’s also a complete GBBC webinar you can enjoy anytime, where specialists from the Cornell Lab, Audubon, and also Birds Canada respond to all your concerns.

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