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Many folks take into account the yarn ball to be essentially the most conventional and basic cat toy. While I can’t deny that cats usually flip into excited kittens on the sight of string, this seemingly innocent sport carries some severe dangers! Is yarn secure for cats? Today I’m going to dig into all the pieces you want to learn about cats and yarn…


As a cat proprietor, there’s nothing that we would like greater than to present our pets the pleased, wholesome life that they deserve.

Is there something that brings a much bigger smile to your face than seeing your cat rolling round on the ground, taking part in with their favorite toy(s)?

Regardless of how outdated your cat is, the precise toy will reveal that they’re nonetheless a kitten at coronary heart!

Photos and art work of cats taking part in with balls of yarn date again generations.

There is not any denying that cats LOVE all issues string associated, nonetheless, chances are you’ll need to suppose twice about what you’re giving your furry buddy for playtime.

As widespread because the ball of yarn is, the dangers far outweigh the advantages!

Let’s dig into why cats love string a lot and the dangers related to cats and yarn. Plus, on the finish, I’m going to share some nice options.

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Why Do Cats Love String?

If you’re studying this and pondering ‘however my cat LOVES taking part in with yarn and string’, you’re not alone.

Cats are pure hunters. The presence of yarn, ribbon and different string-like toys set off these predatory instincts.

Regardless of how lengthy cats have been domesticated, they’re nonetheless hunters at coronary heart.

Strings feed into your cat’s must stalk, pounce and thrash, all expertise that have been (at one time) helpful to find and searching its prey.

This is why we see our cats go loopy over hair ties, shoelaces, rubber bands, cords, and, in fact, the ball of yarn.

The reality is that there are some advantages to such a play…

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Hunting and stalking helps to fine-tune a cat’s motor expertise whereas additionally offering the chance for train and psychological stimulation.

All of this stuff are obligatory to your cat to dwell a cheerful, wholesome life.

Is Yarn Safe for Cats?

After studying the advantages, many cat house owners are left asking the query: Is yarn secure for cats?

I’m sharing right now’s submit within the hopes of highlighting some BIG dangers.

Your cat could need to play with that string, however that doesn’t imply that it’s of their finest pursuits!

There are 3 principal dangers to contemplate earlier than handing over that ball of yarn…


If you’ve ever been kissed by a cat, you know the way tough their tongue feels.

This is because of the truth that there are small barbs known as ‘papillae’ throughout their tongue designed to assist with grooming in addition to holding their prey.

These barbs are pointed in the direction of the again of their mouths, stopping prey from escaping.

However, if the ‘prey’ is a chunk of string, this could result in some severe issues.

If your cat begins to swallow a chunk of yarn or ribbon, your cat could also be unable to dislodge it regardless of recognizing that they’re in misery.

The rear-facing barbs work to carry the string in place.

Unable to spit it again out, the one factor left to your cat to do is to attempt to swallow it.

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Obstruction, Internal Entanglement

If your cat does swallow a chunk of string, it could result in a really severe obstruction throughout the gastrointestinal tract or different issues within the digestive system.

These situations usually require surgical procedure and are normally deadly if left unaddressed.

Your cat’s digestive system is designed to maneuver meals by the physique utilizing rhythmic contractions referred to as peristalsis.

However, if a string-like object strikes by the system lengthwise, it could result in issues. Especially if one finish of the string will get caught alongside the best way.

The intestines could start to scrunch up much like an accordion and even flip in on itself.

Picture a sock as you flip it inside out…

Another main danger happens if the string will get tousled contained in the digestive tract.

It can wrap round components of the cat’s physique internally, slicing off blood circulate to that space, inflicting components of the digestive tract to die.

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Alternatively, string has been recognized to chop by components of the intestines.

Finally, there’s the danger of an obstruction.

This is the place the string turns into bunched up someplace within the digestive tract, stopping meals or waste from passing.

External Constriction or Strangulation

An further danger to contemplate happens with out your cat even swallowing the string.

While taking part in with string, your cat could turn into entangled with the string wrapping round their throat or an appendage akin to their paw or tail.

As your cat continues to play with the string, unaware of the rising concern, it could begin to tighten.

If this happens with the string round your cat’s throat, it could result in strangulation.

Alternatively (and sometimes ignored) if the string is round an extremity like their tail or paw, it could reduce off circulation in which are of the physique.

This can result in dying of the tissues, requiring amputation.

What Should I Do if My Cat Swallows String?

If you discover that your cat has swallowed (or partially swallowed) a chunk of string, resist the urge to drag it free!

The dangers that I’ve outlined above are severe, nonetheless, they aren’t instant.

Trying to drag the string free could result in pointless injury of your cat’s esophagus and digestive tract.

If you observed your cat has swallowed string, search veterinary care instantly!

Signs that your cat could have swallowed string embody:

  • Vomiting or Dry Heaving
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Lethargy
  • Fever
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Straining to Defecate
  • Restlessness or Irritation
  • Withdrawing or Hiding

The dangers related to swallowing string must be taken severely.

If you even suspect that your cat could have swallowed string, or see any of the above indicators for concern, contact your veterinarian ASAP.

Remember: Your veterinarian is an expert. They would moderately you contact them with issues and discover that it’s nothing than anticipate it to doubtlessly flip deadly.  

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Playtime Solutions to Keep Your Cat Safe

#1 – Keep String-Like Items Safely Stored Away

I’m not going to inform you to by no means have string-like objects in the home, that’s merely not real looking.

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Instead, maintain your cat secure by safely conserving this stuff saved away out of their attain.

Examples of things to concentrate to incorporate balls of yarn (clearly), hair ties, ribbons, hair ties, rubber bands, thread, dental floss, shoelaces, tinsel and cords.

#2 – Pay Careful Attention to Scented Strings

When making dinner, be EXTRA cautious about strings that come off meals like hen or roasts.

These strings carry an additional temptation to your cat as a result of attractive scents.

Make positive that these strings are safely tucked away in a sealed rubbish container as quickly as you take away them.

#3 – Supervise Play with Toys with Strings

There are some cat-safe toys available on the market that do embody strings of their design.

Regardless of how a lot consideration is put into establishing a cat-safe toy, these choices ought to solely be used when supervised.

Inspect your cat’s toys frequently for indicators of injury and eliminate any toys which are beginning to collapse.

#4 – Select Non-String Toys

Purchase cat-friendly toys that don’t embody the danger of strings to your cat.

These toys will present the train, psychological stimulation, and ‘searching’ alternatives with none of the dangers related to string.

The secret’s to seek out the toys that your cat loves essentially the most.

Just like people, each cat is completely different! Try out completely different types of toys and take note of which choices ‘convey out the kitten’.

If your cat dislikes a toy that you simply convey residence, don’t be discouraged! Just transfer on to the subsequent possibility.

Examples of toys which are an enormous hit in our home embody:

If you favor to go the DIY route, toys might be made out of family objects akin to rest room paper rolls, felt or fleece supplies, cardboard packing containers and extra.

Be cautious of any items that may be eliminated or ripped off, making a choking hazard.

small grey kitten laying on its right side on a grey and white striped rug with balls of yarn behind it, it's front left paw resting on a ball of pink yarn. Above it, text asks is yarn safe for cats?

Coming again to the unique query – Is Yarn Safe for Cats?

The reply is NO!

There are many safer options obtainable.  

Were you conscious of the dangers related to cats and yarn? What options do you employ in your house?

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