July 20, 2024


The can in your residence may have a negative online reputation, yet a brand-new name in feline clutter is transforming whatever pet dog moms and dads understand about just how to maintain pet cats healthy and balanced. We have actually partnered with PrettyLitter to provide our visitors an unique deal, 20% off your initial order when you utilize code BESTPET20.

Before PrettyLitter, pet cat clutter was usually taken an essential wickedness. A headache. Large, hefty bags. The messy mess. And the smell. Thankfully, PrettyLitter gets rid of all these troubles– also the smell! Best of all, PrettyLitter not just makes life simpler for you, it can make life far better for your pet cat, as well.

Magical PrettyLitter

Safe For Your Cat

Let’s obtain a little technological for a minute. PrettyLitter is made from silica gel crystals– NOT crystalline silica. These 2 seem like the exact same point, yet that’s where the resemblances quit. Silica gel, which is located in PrettyLitter, is safe as well as non-flammable. Silica gel is entirely secure for people as well as pet cats. Crystalline silica, on the various other hand, can trigger damages to the lungs referred to as silicosis.

PrettyLitter is likewise without salt bentonite, which is a clumping representative. Sodium bentonite increases when revealed to fluid, which is fantastic for clumping clutters, yet not so fantastic for your pet cat’s wellness. If your pet cat licks their paws after touching the clutter, the clumping representatives can increase, creating clogs. With PrettyLitter, you’ll no more need to emphasize concerning your pet cat’s interest hurting them.

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Your pet cat’s wellness is our key worry, so felt confident that making use of PrettyLitter in no other way positions any type of threat to your pet cat. In truth, it’s the only clutter that can assist guarantee the health and wellness of your feline pal. It’s what motivated the development of PrettyLitter

“Having shed my pet cat to an ailment, it was a heartbreaking experience viewing her obtain ill without having actually had the ability to assist her early. I produced PrettyLitter to provide pet cat proprietors the power to maintain everyday tabs on their pet cats well-being.”-Daniel Rotman, Chief Executive Officer of PrettyLitter

Kitten in litter box

A Change In Color Tells You About Your Cat’s Health

With PrettyLitter, you obtain assurance. Our cutting edge formula can signify you to feasible wellness problems prior to they end up being significant troubles. Simple modifications in PrettyLitter shade allow you recognize there can be glitch, perhaps conserving your pet cat’s life. Regular pet cat clutter ought to transform dark yellow or olive eco-friendly, so anything else can be a prospective worry.

Potential wellness problems that can be related to shade adjustment consist of:

  • Blue Litter (ALKALINE)— If the clutter transforms blue or dark eco-friendly, it can indicate your pet cat’s pee has a high pH degree. This can signify a feasible urinary system system infection. High urinary system pH can cause bladder crystal as well as rock development.
  • Yellow Litter (LEVEL OF ACIDITY)— Bright yellow or orange clutter is a feasible sign of uncommon level of acidity, such as metabolic acidosis & & kidney tubular acidosis. Low urinary system pH can cause Calcium Oxalate.
  • Red Litter (BLOOD)–If a pet moms and dad locates smudges of red in their pet cat’s PrettyLitter, it can indicate there’s blood in the pet cat’s pee. This can be an indication of bladder swelling, bladder rocks, or an urinary system system infection.
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PrettyLitter color changing litter

Less Litter, Lasts Longer

Each bag of PrettyLitter evaluates simply 4-6 extra pounds, so say goodbye to damaging your back as you haul around 20 or 30 extra pound bags of clutter. Thanks to our cutting edge formula, PrettyLitter takes in as well as gets rid of wetness, so there’s no requirement to alter the clutter throughout the month. You’ll no more require to have eleventh hour go to the pet dog shop due to the fact that PrettyLitter brings the clutter to you for no service charge.

A solitary bag of PrettyLitter normally lasts 3 to 4 weeks, so you utilize much less. Throughout the month, all you need to do is scoop the poop. Most of the moment, your pet cat’s can will certainly be both hidden as well as out of mind.

Free Shipping Right To Your Door

Never stress over lacking feline clutter once more. Every month, you’ll get one more bag of PrettyLitter right to your door with totally free delivery! Just allowed them recognize the number of pet cats remain in your residence, as well as you’ll get the cutting edge clutter as necessary.

PrettyLitter ships to the continental United States as well as most districts ofCanada This progressive brand name of feline clutter is cost effective as well as odor-trapping. Protecting feline wellness has actually never ever been simpler.

Cat by PrettyLitter

Goodbye Odor!

PrettyLitter is odor-free as well as odorless. No a lot more flowery fragrances concealing odiferous pet cat clutter. Instead, envision if your pet cat’s can launched no scents whatsoever! More vital, PrettyLitter, unlike clumping clutter, takes in wetness, removing the pee as well as capturing the smell. So you just require to scoop the poop.

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Here’s The Deal!

iHeartCats com is honored to companion with PrettyLitter This incredible clutter assists make your life simpler while maintaining tabs on your pet cat’s wellness as well. For a minimal time, get 20% off your initial order when you utilize code BESTPET20. So delight in assurance like never ever in the past. PrettyLitter is a lot greater than simply clutter. It’s a lifesaver!

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