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Millions of pet cats as well as canines are butchered throughout Southeast Asia each year, however pet well-being teams have actually been hard at the office attempting to quit the barbaric pet as well as feline meat profession. And teams like Four Paws are making development every which way.

In 2019, Four Paws, a worldwide company functioning to conserve pets from viciousness, started an examination right into the feline as well as pet meat sellVietnam Research revealed that 5 million pets, 1 numerous those being pet cats, are butchered wherefore is thought about a profitable organization. Dog meat can cost $7– $11 a kilo. Cat meat is even more pricey at upwards of $13 per kilo as it’s thought about a special in Vietnam.

“Every year countless canines as well as pet cats– both healthy and balanced as well as ill, possessed as well as roaming– are strongly caught from the roads in Vietnam, stuffed right into little cages as well as transferred uncontrolled throughout the nation, with trips typically enduring days,” recordsDr Katherine Polak, vet as well as Head of Four Paws Stray Animal Care in Southeast Asia.


Not just are these techniques terrible, however they likewise produce uncomfortably ostentatious health and wellness infractions which can result in the break out of conditions able to spread out in between people as well as pets. Instances of Rabies as well as Cholera have actually currently been reported.

“If Vietnam is truly significant regarding shielding public health and wellness as well as meeting its dedication to finish rabies in the nation, the federal government has to lastly stop the pet as well as feline meat profession,” claimsDr Polak.

Hard Work as well as Changing Attitudes

Four Paws, dealing with the Change for Animals Foundation, Hanoi Pet Rescue, Paws for Compassion, as well as Vietnam Cat Welfare, has actually racked up a triumph versus this viciousness profession with the closure of a respected feline meat dining establishment as well as abattoir in Thai Binh, the “supposed feline meat resources.”

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The dining establishment flaunted offering over 240 feline meat dishes on a monthly basis. But recently, “the dining establishment proprietors, a Vietnamese pair, shared their despair to leave the profession as a result of a wish to no more kill pets,” according to Four Paws.

The teams saved 20 pet cats as well as 5 canines from the abattoir. Sadly, one feline passed away after rescue, however the various other 19 have actually been housed at Four Paws’ bear havenVietnam Once solid as well as healthy and balanced, the pet cats as well as canines will certainly be embraced bent on caring residences where they will not deal with such scary ever before once again.


As for the dining establishment, Four Paws has actually assisted the proprietors transform their organization to a pre-owned motorcycle store with their arrangement to never ever take part in the feline as well as pet meat profession once again.

The Fight Continues

In January 2020, Vietnamese legislations shielding pet cats from massacre as well as intake were rescinded while pet security legislations stood. As an outcome, feline meat remains in high need. When roaming resources can not satisfy the need, these terrible butchers will certainly take family members pet cats as well as canines. Such activities can not stand as well as many thanks to teams like Four Paws as well as various other well-being unions like DMFI (Dog Meat Free Indonesia) as well as ACPA (Asia Canine Protection Alliance) points are altering.


“Through education and learning as well as collaboration with the accountable authorities as well as tourist organizations, the goal is to advise federal governments to present as well as impose regulation prohibiting the pet as well as feline meat profession to secure both pets as well as public health and wellness,” discussesDr Karanvir Kukreja, vet as well as job supervisor of Four Paws global project.


“This closure shows that times are altering in Vietnam, with a growing number of pet proprietors as well as youths in Vietnam speaking up versus the profession, as well as also the proprietors of dining establishments themselves no more intending to be associated with it.”

What You Can Do

Already, one million individuals, consisting of 200,000 Vietnamese residents, have actually authorized a request asking for an end to the terrible pet as well as feline meat profession. But the pets still require assistance as well as you can aid offer it to them. Click below to authorize the request intended to quit the massacre!

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