July 20, 2024

Cats typically do no matter they like so for those who discover one following you–whether or not you’re out for a stroll or simply strolling round your individual house–the seemingly motive is they need one thing from you. But what, you ask? Well, that is dependent upon the state of affairs! Let’s discover a few of the causes you may end up being adopted by a little bit feline shadow.

Why Do Some Cats Follow You Home When You’re Out Walking?

There will be a number of explanation why this occurs. From merely discovering you entertaining to needing your assist.


You’re Fun

If you’re approached by, or strategy, an out of doors kitty whereas on a stroll and share some consideration you could discover the kitty following you merely since you confirmed some kindness. Generally, most of these interactions will finish as quickly because the kitty reaches the confines of its house rage. Once you move over this invisible (to you) line, your new pal will seemingly return to what it was doing within the space it’s most snug.

cat following me

Image by Sa Ka from Pixabay

Kitty Needs Something

If a kitty begins, and continues, following you there could also be one thing else occurring. Take a take a look at the final situation of the cat. If she appears a bit scraggly, she is likely to be questioning if in case you have some meals you’ll be able to share. If he appears injured, he may effectively be and is questioning for those who might help. If she appears like she could have kittens, she is likely to be attempting to let you know she, and so they, need assistance.

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In such conditions do as a lot investigating as you safely can however concentrate on trespassing or showing as if you could be sneaking round somebody’s house. You may even knock on a door or two to see if you may get any details about the cat. If a cat has adopted you for some time, or to your entrance door, maybe she has simply determined that you just want a cat. If that is one thing you’ll be able to, and wish, to tackle it’s a good suggestion to pop by a neighborhood Vet’s workplace or animal shelter and ask to have the cat screened for a microchip. This is an effective way to seek out out if the cat is misplaced or has maybe been deserted. As an added layer of precaution, you may examine along with your native shelter to see if anybody has reported a lacking kitty that matches the outline of your new buddy–and perhaps even file a discovered report your self. All of that is to save lots of somebody, together with you, some heartbreak if the cat is certainly misplaced.

If you’re really involved about an out of doors kitty’s welfare however can’t do something about it your self, don’t hesitate to name both native animal management or a feral cat coalition.

You’re Trespassing

There are instances when you’re strolling open air and end up not being adopted by a cat, however being stalked. Some cats don’t like trespassers of their territory and might get a bit aggressive about it–particularly if you’re strolling a canine. If an out of doors kitty isn’t actively partaking you in a pleasant method, your greatest wager is to scoot on out of there.

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Why Does My Cat Follow Me Around The House?

Again, seemingly as a result of your kitty desires one thing from you. In many circumstances, that is merely your consideration (ahem, “feed me”). Here are some issues you’ll be able to attempt as a way to redirect your kitty’s consideration away out of your each transfer.


Your kitty is bonded with you and making time for each day play can go a good distance in reinforcing that bond. Just 10 or quarter-hour of targeted consideration like play or brushing can put your kitty relaxed.


If your cat appears to be following you round out of boredom take into account creating some enjoyable areas the place your kitty’s consideration will be directed elsewhere. Cat timber with hidden toys are all the time an journey. A cat tree or hammock in entrance of a window is even higher–there’s rather a lot to see on the market within the massive world!

cat following me

Image by Aamir Mohd Khan from Pixabay

Food Anxiety

If your cat could be very food-focused, scheduling meal instances might help ease their fear about when the following meal is coming. As many cat individuals have skilled, cats have inner clocks that appear to function by the second. By feeding them at common instances they may know when to anticipate meals which might help to assuage meals anxiousness and, hopefully, nix the “feline comply with”.


Just like individuals, cats will be solitary creatures however some are extraordinarily social. If you’ve gotten a single-cat family and your cat appears to take pleasure in firm, you may take into account bringing one other cat into your house as a way to take the main focus off you as a kitty BFF.

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If your cat begins following you round all the sudden, there might be one thing flawed–particularly if they’re vocalizing rather a lot. They is likely to be attempting to let you know one thing’s not proper so pay shut consideration and take into account taking your pal to the Vet for a checkup.

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