May 21, 2024


It is among one of the most usual concerns that I obtain concerning the globe of pet rescue. With many pets looking for a for life home, why is it so hard to embrace a rescue pet? The response surpasses simply checking out the numbers …

According to the ASPCA internet site, roughly 1.5 million sanctuary pets are euthanized every year in the United States.

Despite that figure, many individuals relate to embrace at sanctuaries as well as saves just to be turned down or listen to absolutely nothing back in any way.

With the recurring ‘Adopt, Don’ t Shop‘ press in our culture, possible pet proprietors are left disappointed.

What is the factor in informing individuals to embrace rescue animals if they aren’t mosting likely to be approved anyhow?

Why isn’t taking on a pet as simple as buying one at a family pet shop or neighborhood dog breeder?

First, I would love to take a minute to resolve he reality that I am NOT versus trusted dog breeders.

However, that does not consist of the yard dog breeders as well as pup mills that can be located offering their pets on Facebook Marketplace or Kijiji.

For even more info regarding the distinction in between Backyard Breeders, Puppy Mills as well as Responsible Breeders, take a look at my message ‘Adopting a Dog vs Buying From a Breeder: What’s Right for Me?’

Returning to the concern available, why is it so hard to embrace a rescue pet?

To much better recognize this, we should initially consider the procedure that the ordinary sanctuary or rescue has in area to identify the very best house for the pets in their treatment.

After all, that is the objective! Not just locate a house yet locate a house that is a great suitable for ALL events.

At completion of the day, a rescue’s top priority is the well-being as well as joy of the pet in their treatment throughout the rest of their lives, not being a people-pleaser.

While this might be difficult to listen to, it is essential to bear in mind!

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Why Is It So Hard to Adopt A Rescue Dog?


If you’re right here reviewing this message, you likely do not come under this group.

However, I can not talk about the factors for a fostering rejection without resolving those that are decreased for factors that are thought about non-negotiable.

These factors aren’t simply possible problems, they are typically large warnings for those in the rescue area.

Financial Concerns: If, throughout the fostering procedure, you request the fostering costs to be swung or lowered to ensure that you can manage to embrace, you are mosting likely to be decreased. If you can not manage the fostering cost, exactly how are you mosting likely to manage the recurring treatment of your brand-new pet (veterinarian brows through, food, and so on)?

Failure to Provide A Veterinary Reference: If you have actually formerly had animals in your house yet reject to supply a vet recommendation, there is typically just one factor … Your previous vet would not advise you as a pet proprietor. The rescue requires to recognize that you’re mosting likely to supply the needed healthcare to maintain your brand-new pet pleased as well as healthy and balanced.

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You Currently Own Unaltered or Unvaccinated Pets: If you aren’t currently giving the needed inoculations to maintain your present animals risk-free, the rescue isn’t mosting likely to trust fund that you will instantly transform your mind as well as immunize a brand-new pet dog. Most saves need animals to be neutered/spayed to assist with the overpopulation of animals as well as stop yard reproduction. If your present animals are unchanged, you have actually revealed that you do not share the exact same sights.

You Have Previously Abandoned A Dog: If you have actually formerly discarded a pet at a regional sanctuary due to the fact that it simply ‘really did not fit your way of living’ at the time, do not believe you’re going to obtain one more pet from a rescue that quickly! You have actually currently revealed that you aren’t thinking about devoting fully life of a pet.

Unstable Home Environment: If you do not presently have a steady house (staying on a close friend’s sofa, for instance) or the rescue employees see any type of factor to examine the security of your house setting moving on (such as a violent partner), this isn’t the correct time to handle the duty of one more life.

Refusal to Provide Landlord’s Contact Info: The reality that you are leasing isn’t mosting likely to make or damage your capability to supply a delighted house for a family pet. However, many saves will certainly intend to validate that your proprietor is fine with the enhancement of a pet to the house. Too numerous pets have actually been returned or handed over at sanctuaries as a result of problems with searching for pet-friendly living scenarios.

Lack of Respect for Rescue Workers: If you are impolite or hostile throughout the fostering procedure, you are most likely ruining your possibilities of fostering. How can a rescue employee trust fund that you will deal with a pet with regard if you can not also treat them with regard throughout the phase when you should be attempting to thrill them?

It’s About the Individual Dog, Not Just the Breed

Each pet has its very own specific character, peculiarities, as well as requires.

For instance, you might be entirely crazy with a details type, like the German Shepherd (my love), yet that’s simply the suggestion of the iceberg!

Even having actually formerly increased a German Shepherd or German Shepherd mix does not always indicate you’re the ideal selection for THIS German Shepherd.

Coming from a range of various residences as well as scenarios, sanctuaries locate themselves searching for residences that are prepared to take care of:

  • Overprotective German Shepherds
  • Fearful (also Fear Aggressive) German Shepherds
  • Untrained/Destructive/Difficult German Shepherds
  • Shy German Shepherds
  • Reactive German Shepherds
  • German Shepherds with Separation Anxiety

And a lot extra …

For each rescue pet that is embraced out, there is a concentrate on much better recognizing the demands of the pet along with the home/lifestyle of possible adopters.

A pet that is scared might have various demands than a pet that is battling with splitting up stress and anxiety.

If the rescue were to put a pet with anybody that asked, ignoring these information, they are visiting a high boost of pets being gone back to the sanctuary when points do not function.

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Why established everybody approximately stop working when they are currently knowledgeable about why it most likely will not be a great fit?

These pets have actually currently remained in a shelter/rescue a minimum of when, envision the mental effect of experiencing that consistently!

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Concerns Regarding the Home Itself

Each rescue has their concept of the optimal ‘house setting’ based upon their very own experiences as well as the pets in their treatment.

The excellent information right here is that these are typically elements that can be dealt with to progress or change your emphasis.

Do you reside in a home, apartment, or little townhouse without an individual lawn?

If you’re looking for a high-energy pet that needs a great deal of power to be pleased as well as healthy and balanced, this can quite possibly be the factor that you were rejected.

Try redoubling your search, looking rather for a smaller sized, much more laid back or older pet that is much better fit to that way of living.

The most usual factor for rejection that I see discussed in this group is the absence of a fenced garden.

A huge portion of pets located in shelters/rescues were located either chained up in a backyard without accessibility to a cozy, caring house or located roaming shed on the roads.

Having seen this time around as well as time once again, the rescue is (not surprisingly) taking actions to avoid this from occurring to the pets in their treatment.

This is specifically real for pets that are understood to be joggers or escaper.

If you have actually been rejected therefore as well as are severe regarding including a high-energy pet to your household, think about having a fencing set up prior to reapplying.

Family Dynamics

You might be 110% thinking about taking on a family pet as well as including in your household, yet that does not indicate that everybody in your household prepares.

Many sanctuaries as well as saves need that all relative participate in any type of ‘satisfy as well as welcomes’ with the pet to make certain that everybody gets on the exact same web page.

The rescue intends to make certain that everybody prepares to handle the obligations related to handling a brand-new pet.

For this factor, if your partner specifies that they aren’t interested, your application will certainly be rejected.

Even if you’re mosting likely to be the main caretaker, including a pet to your house does effect everybody that lives there in some way.

Children might additionally cause the rejection of an application for a pair factors.

First, there are some pets that merely aren’t excellent with kids.

For these pets, a house with kids includes a boosted threat of something occurring, which isn’t a danger that saves agree to take.

Second, if your kids are acting hostile or qualified throughout the satisfy as well as welcome, the rescue is mosting likely to refute your application.

Even a pet that has actually revealed that it is fantastic which kids can be pressed also much.

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If the rescue employees are worried that the pet will certainly be taken into a circumstance that can be hazardous for anybody entailed, they aren’t mosting likely to take possibilities.


Are you wed to your job? If you function lengthy hrs as well as your brand-new pet will certainly be stuck alone in the house, you will likely be decreased.

Dogs are social animals that have an interest in developing a caring bond with their proprietors.

However, they aren’t mosting likely to have that love as well as focus if no person is house with them usually.

The exact same can be claimed for a person that takes a trip on a regular basis.

While there are numerous fantastic kennels as well as pet dog caretakers offered, the rescue is looking for a house where the pet will certainly have the chance to develop a caring bond with their brand-new proprietor.

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Differences in Values/Beliefs

I’m not discussing faiths, nevertheless, there are some individual point of views or worths that can cause the rejection of an application.

This can take place when there is a disagreement in relation to training techniques.

For instance, if you are checking out taking on from a rescue that promotes for dog crate training as well as you specify that you will certainly NOT crate train your pet, you might be rejected.

The exact same can be claimed for anybody that states that they aren’t thinking about spending for expert training no matter the scenario.

Another instance that I have actually seen emerge originates from the vegan area.

I am NOT anti-vegan or stating that vegans can not supply a delighted, healthy and balanced house for a family pet.

However, many saves will certainly not embrace bent on a person that has actually shared that they will certainly require their brand-new pet to consume just a vegan diet regimen as a result of problems regarding appropriate nourishment.

There May Have Been A Better Fit

No one intends to hear this, yet there are times when it’s absolutely nothing greater than an instance of timing as well as a much better fit.

Your house can supply whatever that pet desires as well as requires, nevertheless, somebody else used at the exact same time whose application was simply a bit much better.

Don’ t be dissuaded!

If there are no particular factor that your application was rejected, after that you make sure to locate the ‘ right‘ pet if you maintain using as well as remain favorable!

There are numerous various other unbelievable pets out there awaiting their ‘gladly ever before after’.

As for the concern: Why is it so hard to embrace a rescue pet?

The brief response is merely that there is a great deal entailed with locating the ‘ right‘ house.

It’s a substantial dedication as well as saves desire just the very best for the pets in their treatment.

A small white dog with brown on its ears and around both eyes, sitting in a kennel at an animal shelter behind a fence, looking out. Text asking the question Why is it so hard to adopt a rescue dog?

Have you took on a rescue pet? If so, I would certainly enjoy to become aware of your experience with the procedure in the remarks listed below!