May 21, 2024

Maltipoos are one of the commonly-spotted canine at pet salons, says Paige McIlwain, director of coaching at Salty Dawg Pet Salon. That’s as a result of their fur, like different combined breed Oodles and Oos, is a mix of two breeds with very completely different coats. A Maltese has skinny, straight-to-wavy silky hair, whereas the Poodle has thick curly course hair.

Depending on genetics, says Paige, “Maltipoo coat varieties might be nearer to a type of breeds or something in between.”

The diverse coat textures put every Maltipoo in a singular grooming state of affairs. However, there are just a few grooming ideas that each one Maltipoo pet dad and mom can comply with to keep up that white fluffy look with out the tangles that naturally come together with it.

How usually ought to I get my Maltipoo groomed?

Maltipoos profit from common skilled grooming, however how usually you’re taking your canine to the groomer is dependent upon how lengthy you wish to preserve the coat. For shorter cuts, similar to ½ inch or shorter, you possibly can unfold your groomer visits out someplace between six to eight weeks, Paige says. For lengths 5/8 to an inch, Paige recommends grooming each three to 6 weeks and for something longer than an inch, each two to 4 weeks.

“These tips not solely preserve the pet manageable for the proprietor and the stylist, additionally they preserve pets on a low-stress routine whereas wanting their greatest,” Paige says.

A sensible method to how usually you’ll be capable of brush your canine’s hair at house and the way ceaselessly you possibly can carry your canine to grooming appointments ought to information your Maltipoo’s hair size.

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What grooming providers ought to Maltipoos get?

During their grooming appointments, Maltipoos ought to obtain:

  • Hair brushing and reduce and detangling of any knots
  • Nail trim and submitting (each two to 4 weeks to keep up a wholesome size)
  • Ear cleansing by wiping down the skin of your canine’s ears
  • Bath

Leave anal gland expression, ear-hair plucking and extra in-depth ear cleansing to your vet.

Grooming kinds for Maltipoos

There isn’t any coiffure normal for Maltipoos as a result of they’re combined breeds, however there are the most well-liked Maltipoo haircuts requested:

  • Teddy bear reduce: A easy one-length across the physique with a barely extra fluffy and rounded head. “We wish to name them Lifestyle Maintenance Grooms,” says Paige. This type is flexible and might be reduce to any size. Ears and tail lengths are usually trimmed to proprietor choice.
  • Lamb reduce: a shorter physique with fuller flared legs. This type is adaptable to many mixtures of coat lengths, tail, ear and face kinds. This gives the look of longer hair with out the total physique lengthy hair type. “Just keep in mind to maintain up with brushing and brushing the longer legs to maintain the type intact,” advises Paige.

Maltipoo grooming prices

Maltipoo Dog in a Shower Being Groomed
Maltipoo fur can simply tangle and is painful on your pup. Regular brushing at house could make skilled grooming visits much less hectic for you and your canine. © kovsca / Getty Images

On common, a Maltipoo grooming will price between $65 and $80 per 30 days. However, prices will rely on the place you reside and if further time must be spent detangling and de-matting your canine’s coat, which is a high grooming downside and usually prices extra.

Other high Maltipoo grooming issues Paige sees embrace:

  • Tangling or matting
  • Reluctance having their paws handles for nail trims, clipping or brushing
  • Fear of blow dryers
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Mats and tight tangles on Maltipoos — and any canine breed who has longer fur— are painful due to the fixed pressure on the canine’s pores and skin.

“Detangling weeks or months’ value of tangles is extraordinarily uncomfortable on your pet,” Paige says.

Grooming your Maltipoo at house

The most vital at-home grooming is brushing and brushing your Maltipoo’s coat each day.

“This retains your pet’s hair from forming tight painful knots and mats, so to preserve your pet in any desired type,” says Paige.

If a Maltipoo’s coat will get too tangled, it’s usually suggested to shave the fur down brief to advertise wholesome regrowth.

What’s the perfect brush for Maltipoos?

Grooming professionals advocate a slicker brush for each day house grooming. Slicker brushes break up tangles into smaller segments. Pair your slicker brush with a dual-sided steel comb with extensive and superb enamel to brush the remaining knots out, Paige says. The fine-tooth aspect of the comb additionally works for combing different particles and meals out of the coat.

Paige recommends the Flying Pawfect slicker brush, which you should purchase on Amazon, and the Calfhelp Dog Comb, additionally out there on Amazon.

Other grooming brushes we advocate:

  • Andis Medium Firm Slicker brush
  • Furminator Dual Grooming Brush
  • Groomer Essentials Medium/Firm Flexible Slicker Brush

More at-home Maltipoo grooming ideas

Wipe down your canine’s muzzle space, interior eye corners and potty areas, says Paige. A few our favourite grooming wipes embrace:

  • Earthbath hypoallergenic grooming wipes
  • Nuestra Pets Hypoallergenic Bath Replacement pet wipes

A shower must be given on the midway level between your haircut appointments together with your groomer, and lots of salons even provide bathing providers for those who’re not in a position to bathe your canine at house.

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After the bathtub, detangle your pet’s coat whereas or instantly after drying to stop knots from getting bigger and tighter.

Paige says, “If upkeeping a high-maintenance clip doesn’t slot in your schedule, go for a shorter reduce for ease of care between salon appointments.”