June 25, 2024

The Norwegian Elkhound, the companion of the Vikings, is a daring and brave canine in a medium-sized bundle. Here are six enjoyable info about this proficient however unusual canine breed.

Named the nationwide canine of Norway, historians hint the Norwegian Elkhound’s origins way back to 5,000 BC in that nation. He was prized by the Vikings as a looking companion and ably served on the farm as a guardian and herder. He demonstrated his braveness in monitoring and looking moose, bears and wolves. He would maintain the moose at bay, darting forwards and backwards, distracting it, whereas the hunters adopted the loud barking. Elkhounds usually bark solely when the moose is standing nonetheless, however they’ll additionally drive the moose towards shooters mendacity in wait. In one other type of looking, Elkhounds are used on leash whereas silently pulling the hunter within the course of the quarry. The Elkhound is taken into account one of many oldest European breeds and was first proven at a canine exhibition in Norway in 1877. Interest within the breed unfold to England within the early 1900s. By 1930 the Norwegian Elkhound Association of America was established.

How the Norwegian Elkhound received his title

The American Kennel Club breed title is a direct translation of Norsk elghund, the unique Norwegian title that means “Norwegian moose canine.” That’s proper, moose, not elk. In Medieval instances, the canine breed was often called a dyrehund, that means “animal-dog” in Norwegian. He was treasured as a looking canine however hardly ever seen outdoors of Norway till England started taking discover of the breed.

Norwegian Elkhound look: Signature silver

Unlike many canine breeds that are available quite a lot of colours and markings, the Norwegian Elkhound all the time is available in silver grey. Medium grey is most well-liked, however variations in shade are decided by the size of the black ideas and the amount of outer coat. The undercoat is evident gentle silver, as are the legs, abdomen and underside of the tail. The muzzle, ears and tail tip are black. Any different coloration is a disqualification within the present ring, in keeping with the American Kennel Club breed normal.

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Norwegian Elkhound temperament: Smart however cussed

Lovers of the Norwegian Elkhound canine rave about his pleasant, assured, reliable temperament, however as a member in good standing of the looking Nordic Spitz household, there’s a massive dollop of independence to cope with as nicely. Elkhounds be taught shortly, however the cussed streak runs deep. They gained’t comply with directions with out some resistance.

Norwegian Elkhound pet

When coaching a Norwegian Elkhound pet:

  • use optimistic reinforcement
  • reward generously with treats
  • maintain the classes brief and entertaining to stop boredom.
  • Teach Norwegian Elkhound puppies to heel from an early age because the breed is liable to pulling on leash.
  • True to their Nordic Spitz ancestry, Elkhounds are barkers with boundless power, so be ready to channel all that loud, get-up-and-go in optimistic methods.

Norwegian Elkhound measurement

The Norwegian Elkhound is medium-sized canine breed. Males stand 20.5 inches excessive on the withers; females 19.5 inches on the withers. Males weigh roughly 55 kilos; females 48 kilos.

Norwegian Elkhound within the White House

The most well-known Elkhound outdoors of Norway was Weegie, President Herbert Hoover’s companion whereas he was within the White House within the Nineteen Thirties. The distinctive silver-gray canine positively raised curiosity within the breed throughout these early days.

Norwegian Elkhound lifespan

The Norwegian Elkhound is a sturdy canine that may get pleasure from an extended, energetic life. They have a typical lifespan of 12 to 16 years, and a few have lived to 18 years or extra. They can placed on weight simply, so it’s finest to maintain them match and trim.

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Norwegian Elkhound at a look

  1. Where does the Norwegian Elkhound come from?

Norway. He is without doubt one of the oldest European breeds, is a member of the Nordic Spitz household and is the National Dog of Norway.

  1. How did the Norwegian Elkhound get his title?

The title is a direct translation from the unique Norwegian title Norsk elghund, which implies “Norwegian moose canine.” That’s proper, moose, not elk.

  1. What is the Norwegian Elkhound like?

Friendly, assured, reliable, affectionate. Stubborn and unbiased. Reserved with strangers till correctly launched.

  1. How energetic is the Norwegian Elkhound?

Very. This is a hunter, tracker and top-performing athlete so frequent, vigorous train is a should, in addition to interactive video games and play.

  1. Is the Norwegian Elkhound good at any canine sports activities or actions?

Yes. This is a great and versatile breed. Agility, flyball, carting and herding are all nice canine sports activities to channel the Elkhound’s power. They are additionally positive swimmers.

  1. Does the Norwegian Elkhound want a job?

Yes. Elkhounds are versatile and adaptable. Work round their cussed streak, be ingenious, and make them suppose the job was their thought.

  1. Is the Norwegian Elkhound good for first-time canine house owners?

They will be. They are sensible however unbiased, so coaching shall be a problem. Don’t count on a push-button canine. They are additionally vocal, so settle for that you’ll have to management that barking tendency from a younger age. Here are some recommendations on controlling a canine bark.

  1. Is the Norwegian Elkhound household pet?

The finest match could be energetic house owners and households that get pleasure from train and have a fenced yard. This is a robust, boisterous canine breed with a bent to drag on the leash so exercising by a younger little one or a senior most likely not suggested. The Norwegian Elkhound is bred to hunt, so watch the rodents, pet birds and cats. The breed likes to bark so not excellent for renters, or those that are away for lengthy intervals of time.

  1. Is the Norwegian Elkhound residence canine?

Typically, no. A big, securely fenced yard is really helpful for protected, off-leash train. This is a high-energy canine who can turn out to be damaging if appropriate retailers should not supplied.

  1. How straightforward is it to coach a Norwegian Elkhound?

The canine breed is trainable however given his independence, classes needs to be brief, enjoyable and diverse. Mental stimulation is vital to stop boredom. Read out article on fundamental, or manners coaching, your canine.

  1. Is the Norwegian Elkhound given to extreme barking?

Yes. This is a typical Nordic Spitz so he shall be vocal. You might want to practice your Elkhound pet from an early age that random barking will not be acceptable. Barking is usually an indication of boredom so maintain his setting fascinating.

  1. Does the Norwegian Elkhound make traveler?

Typically, sure. Get him accustomed to automotive journey early. Crate coaching is important for protected automotive and air journey, lodge and motel stays, in a single day visits to the veterinarian, and many others.

  1. Is the Norwegian Elkhound straightforward to groom?

Yes, by way of not requiring visits to knowledgeable groomer for trimming. However, the breed has a thick, double coat so there may be a lot of shedding year-round. Frequent, thorough brushing will take away numerous that useless hair earlier than it finally ends up in your flooring, carpets, furnishings and garments. In his favor, the Elkhound coat doesn’t carry a doggy scent, and so baths should not ceaselessly wanted. Regular care of nails, ears and anal glands is critical, as with each canine.

  1. How fashionable is the Norwegian Elkhound?

No. 100 within the American Kennel Club record of hottest breeds in 2021, based mostly on annual registrations. (There are 200 AKC-recognized breeds in all.)

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