October 6, 2022
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One of the most typical root causes of Feline Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) is what your feline consumes. A feline diet plan that is too expensive in carbs and also magnesium, and also reduced in healthy protein can bring about FLUTD. When their feline is at first identified with FLUTD, feline proprietors will typically initially attempt to obtain their feline to consume the prescription food suggested by their veterinarian.

But suppose the feline declines their offering? As an option, there specific, non-prescription feline foods readily available to keep your feline’s pee pH equilibrium at 6.6. A high pee pH worth suggests struvite crystal development in your feline’s urinary system. The difficulty is to locate the best feline food that interests feline, consists of the correct quantity of healthy protein and also magnesium, and also has a couple of or no spin-offs.

If you end up being among those proprietors that need to locate an alternate feline food, after that below’s 5 points to assess when choosing feline food to avoid future FLUTD events in your feline:

1. What’s the Most Common Ingredient?

The initial and also most typical active ingredient that needs to be provided is healthy protein – meat or fish. Read the tag very carefully – below’s some variants you can see:

Canned feline food:


Chicken Liver

Deboned Chicken

Beef Broth

Dry feline food:


Organic Chicken

Herring Meal

Chicken Meal

Some various other great components that will certainly aid your feline keep great urinary system health and wellness are blueberries and also cranberries. Vegetables such as carrots are great, and also rice is an excellent grain
for your feline to take in.

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2. Are There Any By-Products?

Are spin-offs provided as one of the components? If so, placed that food back on the rack and also maintain looking. By- items are filler product, and also have actually restricted dietary worth for your
feline. By- items are normally carbs, and also because pet cats are predators, they require healthy protein, not carbohydrates, for correct nourishment.

Here are some instances of spin-offs:

Canned feline food:

Corn gluten dish

Ground yellow corn

Soybean dish

Beef By-Products

Meat By-Products

Dry feline food:

Ground Yellow Corn

Chicken By-Product Meal

Corn Gluten Meal

Wheat flour

Corn Meal

Soy flour

3. How Much Moisture Is In the Cat Food?

What’s the percent of wetness in the feline food you’re reviewing? The greater the number, the much better for your feline. More wetness suggests your feline will certainly pee a lot more. Increased

peeing will certainly clear out any kind of crystals that might be attempting to develop in your feline’s urinary system. Canned feline food has a greater wetness material than completely dry.

4. How Much Magnesium Does the Cat Food Contain?

An extra of magnesium will certainly add to struvite crystal development (FLUTD). Some magnesium is needed, yet normally search for feline food that has an optimum of 0.025% magnesium to
avoid struvite crystals.

5. Does the Cat Food Contain DL-Methionine?

DL-Methionine is an amino acid with sulfur, which aids manage ammonia development in pee. This amino acid aids keep your feline’s pee pH equilibrium around 6.6, which is typical and also does not urge crystal development.

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And … because pet cats are pet cats (which suggests they supervise!), know that what you choose for them might not be what they intend to consume if they do not such as the preference. If this occurs, you’ll require to begin again once more up until you locate a wholesome, healthy feline food that values 2 paws up from your feline!

Keep these 5 considerations in mind when purchasing feline food to keep your feline’s urinary system and also avoid FLUTD.

And keep in mind, when you’re taking into consideration altering your feline’s diet plan, speak with your veterinarian. She or he will certainly provide you skilled support and also info to make the shift simpler for you and also your feline.