May 21, 2024

As this previous Sunday morning dawned throughout the nation, newly returned to plain time, it was clear our pets didn’t get the message. Confused, distressed, or just pushed to the brink by starvation, America’s cats and canines tell us, in no unsure phrases, that they might have most popular their meals on the normal time, thanks very a lot.

Here are a few of the extra illustrative examples we discovered of pets protesting the annual falling again of the clocks.

I command thee to feed me

Does anybody know how one can clarify daylight financial savings time to a canine bc it’s not going nicely over right here

— Katie MacBride (@msmacb) November 8, 2021

I can’t even have a look at you

We name it daylight financial savings time. Our pets name it “why the heck did you modify my supper time?” 😂😂 #DaylightSavingTime #DaylightSavings #beagle #dogsoftwitter #CatsOfTwitter

— Angie 🌈🌊💙 (@AngelaDHillis) November 7, 2021

Someone please clarify daylight financial savings time to my hungry canine

— Michael DiLullo (@Mike_DiLullo) November 7, 2021

Approval scores actually don’t get a lot worse

My cat, who is aware of *precisely* when she’s fed, would love you to know that daylight financial savings time is Bullshit.

— Nome🔜PAXU (internet hosting a panel, holy fuck) (@NomeDaBarbarian) November 7, 2021

One extra hour of this and I’ll develop into a werewolf, you understand

Literally woke as much as this. Apparently feeding time doesn’t acknowledge daylight financial savings time.

— Jenny Lawson (@TheBloggess) November 7, 2021


Trying to elucidate daylight financial savings time to my cat. Yes she has to attend one other hour to eat now, however in 6 months she’ll get to eat an hour early.

She’s not impressed.

— Mr. Fahrenheit (@hayleyscomet_28) November 7, 2021

What! False! Hope!

My cats have knowledgeable me that the tip of daylight financial savings is a rip-off to delay breakfast.

— Kori (@KoriOtter) November 7, 2021

We may discover one other household that truly feeds us

I simply fed them one hour early as a result of how else to elucidate?

— Lili Chin 程麗蓮🐕🐈‍🐈‍🎨📚🇲🇾🇺🇲 (@lilita_yaya) November 8, 2021

Did I do one thing unsuitable?

This one doesn’t perceive daylight financial savings time. She is optimistic we forgot her 8 pm cookie time.

— Kim Jones (@seattlekim) November 8, 2021

Fine. I’ll wait.

To all of the pet house owners on the market we all know they don’t get the daylight financial savings factor. Set some boundaries. If you’ll be able to. Ya that’s him ready.

— Jemma 🌊🏀✡️☮️🕉💪🏽 (@myprochoice) November 7, 2021

Can not consider that is truly taking place proper now

I’ve sat the cats down to debate the tip of Daylight Savings Time. “Hooman, feed us now!” #catsoftwitter

— Mere🐈dyth (@Meredythl) November 7, 2021

A pleading stare

These canines appearing like they don’t find out about daylight financial savings!! Leave me alone and return to sleep!!

— banh mi bb (@LLCoolKris) November 7, 2021

Dogs in opposition to daylight financial savings

Louie would love you to hitch his latest trigger. D.A.D.S.

Dogs Against Daylight Savings. #ieatnow #donationsaccepted #DaylightSavings

— Elisha (@_elishavictoria) November 8, 2021

Too a lot to bear

ravenous cat doesn’t perceive daylight financial savings, thinks it’s previous supper time

— sponge boy me bob (@blazeybones) November 7, 2021

Are you being critical proper now?

Yo these canines don’t GAF about daylight financial savings, talkin bout “the place’s my dinner girl!!!!! You late!!!!”

— Dr. YoFiggy (@DrYoFiggy) November 8, 2021

I can’t consider I’ve to ask

Everyone who desires to finish daylight financial savings eternally can win my vote if they’ll efficiently clarify to the canine why he’s not consuming for one more hour

— Rouvy Legend, Basketball Idiot (@Bitterwhiteguy) November 7, 2021

Over it

Tell your cat: we agree!!

— faith_in_humanity_suspended 🌊🍑 (@stillinatl) November 8, 2021

Sit-in protest

attempting to elucidate the idea of daylight financial savings to our cats and it’s not working, they’re nonetheless mad

— ray lopez’s lacking soul (@amigxcomunistx) November 8, 2021

Three bowls. Three cats. You know what to do.

The Cat Union has not agreed to eat its dinner one hour later, and firmly rejects the tip of daylight financial savings.

— 🌊Carol🌊🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛🐕🍩👧🏻🧒🏻 (@caroledwine) November 7, 2021

The look that sees proper via you

When your cat doesn’t perceive daylight financial savings time and needs dinner NOW!! #cat #DaylightSavings

— 🦠 PaxPox 🦠 (@thepaxpox) November 7, 2021

Happy Daylight Savings Time! Said no cat ever.

Happy Daylight Savings to everybody with a pet demanding breakfast an hour early #CatsOnTwitter #clocksgoback

— Misty (@mistysaid) November 7, 2021

Stiiiiiiill ready

I’m and it’s all her fault. Pets simply don’t perceive Daylight Savings Time

— Paul Preston 🎃👻 (@pbanditp) November 7, 2021

Hint, trace

Daylight Savings sucks for each pet mother or father within the US this morning. This begins the annual Battle of Wills, lasting a couple of week. Me vs Himself. Branson will lie in his meals bowls, yowling trigger he thinks it’s time to eat, however I can’t feed him but.#CatsOfTwitter #DaylightSavings

— Tracy E. Wilkinson (@TWHomeBackyard) November 7, 2021

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