May 18, 2024


There’s just one disadvantage to being a pet cat moms and dad: odiferous, filthy can. In enhancement to the mess and also smell, clay and also clumping trashes commonly have dangerous chemicals that have no organization near your household. That’s why iHeartCat s partnered with PrettyLitter, a cutting edge feline clutter that strikes the competitors out of the water when it pertains to security, tidiness, odor-control, and also much extra! So, exactly how can PrettyLitter enhance your life?

PrettyLitter Advanced Cat Litter

1. Less Litter Means Less Scooping

With PrettyLitter, you make use of much much less item and also just need to scoop when there’s poop! Clumping trashes transform pee right into tough, unpleasant swellings, yet PrettyLitter soaks up and also gets rid of dampness. So, you just need to change the crystals every 3 to 4 weeks, relying on the can dimension.

2. Less Dust, Less Mess

We’ll reach exactly how dangerous the dirt from conventional feline trashes can be, but also for currently, allow’s concentrate on the mess. The bits from dirty trashes wander with the air and also hold on to bordering surface areas, consisting of the can itself.

When your feline goes potty, clay trashes come to be unpleasant, sloppy, and also hard to tidy. Not to point out the little bits that come to be embeded your cat’s paws and also spread throughout your house!

PrettyLitter’s absorbing crystals are basically dust-free and also do not glob. Instead, they catch and also take in dampness, implying much less mess, much less smell, and also much less household chores!

Colorful cat litter box

3. PrettyLitter Offers The BEST Odor Control

Traditional trashes are commonly aromatic in an effort to conceal odiferous poop and also pee smells. Instead of a fresher house, you wind up with perfume-scented cat waste. Yuck.

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PrettyLitter catches and also gets rid of smells, leaving no requirement for synthetic fragrances. Your can will certainly constantly be scent and also odorless.

PrettyLitter client Rachel R. states:

“This is the most effective feline clutter ever before! I have actually had pet cats for over twenty years and also I have actually never ever had a can not scent … up until I got this! We get on week 2 and also I need to bear in mind to cleanse it since you can not scent if there is poop or otherwise. I suggested it to every person I recognize! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐”

PrettyLitter by cat tree

4. It’s Up To 80% Lighter

Depending on the variety of pet cats in your house, you possibly make use of concerning 20 to 30 extra pounds of conventional clutter every month. This implies acquiring wholesale, or lots of journeys to the pet dog supply shop.

With PrettyLitter, a month’s supply considers just 4-6 extra pounds! The innovative crystals are 80% lighter than normal clutter. Plus, the incredible dampness and also odor-trapping formula enables you to make use of much much less!

Stop hefting enormous sacks of conventional clutter from the rack to the register; from the register to your cars and truck; and also from your cars and truck right into your house. Sign up for PrettyLitter and also have a light-weight bag supplied to your front door monthly for no added cost!

Ragdoll cat using PrettyLitter

5. Litter review that! Pretty supplies definitely free-shippingProvinces to all clients in the continental UNITED STATE and also most Canada ofSign Select up and also never ever lacked cat clutter once more! Litter the variety of pet cats in your house and also Pretty

will certainly send you sufficient clutter for them monthly.Litter 6. PrettySafer For The Entire Family

Did is you recognize that many clumping feline trashes have not one, yet 2Luckily components hazardous to individuals and also pet dogs? Litter, Pretty

Sodium Bentonite

Sodium Bentonite prevents these dangerous chemicals.It is a clumping representative that assists strengthen your feline’s waste right into tough, scoopable swellings. When is commonly utilized in grouting and also securing items. If subjected to fluid, this compound increases approximately 18 times its initial dimension. Even consumed by your feline, canine, or interested young child, major stomach issues might happen, consisting of dangerous obstructions.

Cat resting by window

Crystalline Silica Dust

As breathing in the dirt can trigger dangerous build-up in the lungs.Sodium Bentonite frightening as Crystalline Silica Dust appears, the risks connected with According are also worse. United States Occupational Safety to the Health Administration & &

(OSHA): Crystalline”Additionally silica has actually been identified as a human lung health hazard. The, breathing crystalline silica dirt can trigger silicosis, which in serious situations can be disabling, and even deadly.

With silica dirt gets in the lungs and also triggers the development of mark cells, hence decreasing the lungs’ capability to absorb oxygen.”Litter these dangers in mind, the designers of PrettyThat created their item to be totally secure and also safe to individuals and also pet dogs alike.

Grey cat and PrettyLitter

consists of the litter-box-loving household canine!It Features Revolutionary Health 7. Monitoring Technology

-Litter PrettyWhat does greater than prevent harmful chemicals, it assists shield your feline’s health and wellness. It establishes it besides your typical store-bought feline clutter is its capability to notify you of prospective illness prior to your cat also reveals signs and symptoms.

might also conserve their life.Litter PrettyIt adjustments shade when something is off in your feline’s pee. So can aid recognize urinary system system infections, bladder rocks, and also dangerous kidney failing. Litter, if you see an intense blue, eco-friendly, orange, or red shade in the can, call your veterinarian. Pretty

prettylitter color change

Customer Jean is not a medical diagnosis, yet it can aid you find a disease prior to it’s far too late.Litter A. had no suggestion among her pet cats was experiencing urinary system problems up until Pretty

‘s innovative color-changing formula brought it to her interest.The”Nugget shade transforming element of the clutter truly functions. I just recently observed that the shade had actually transformed to eco-friendly yet had not been certain which of my 2 pet cats had a trouble. I assumed it was my older feline, Callie, yet it became the more youthful one,

, that had crystals in his bladder.”Litter Saves You Money

You 8. PrettyBut can not place a cost on health and wellness. Litter regardless of its clear prevalence, Pretty is really

extra cost-efficient than the leading feline clutter!Litter A month’s supply of PrettyAlso for one feline is $22, much less than the typical one-cat household invests in store-bought clutter. Litter, Pretty

Modern PrettyLitter bag

can aid you save money on veterinarian expenses with very early discovery of prospective illness.Cat iHeartLitter is happy to companion with PrettyThis For incredible clutter assists make your life much easier while maintaining tabs on your feline’s health and wellness, also. So a restricted time, get 20% off your initial order when you make use of the code BESTPET20. Litter, take pleasure in assurance like never ever in the past. PrettyIt is a lot greater than simply clutter.

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