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‘Through the Lens’, Fujingaho Magazine, April, 2021

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Photos and also message: Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado

English Translation: Asia Club, a WBSJ Volunteer Group (YOKOYAMA Kazuko, KASE Tomoko, Ueno Naohiro)

Recently we have actually been encountering one item of dismal information after an additional, such as the spread of COVID-19 and also the succeeding exploration of brand-new variations. Therefore, this moment I wish to inform you an uplifting tale regarding waxwings, which are brightly-coloured and also prominent for their distinct look. Two varieties of waxwing, the Bohemian Waxwing Bombycilla garrulus and also Japanese Waxwing Bombycilla japonica (Near Threatened), move to Japan every wintertime. The picture over is of a Bohemian Waxwing, whose yellow tail suggestion can be seen plainly. In both pictures of flying birds listed below, you can see the Japanese Waxwing with its red tail suggestion.

The waxwing has an incredible look and also is certianly photogenic sufficient to make a beautiful image. It is additionally among the birds that everybody wish to photo. I made use of to believe it would certainly be very easy to locate and also photo them, due to the fact that they usually relocate groups. But as a matter of fact, it had not been. We do have their movement documents for the nation, yet the birds are not really usual, and also also when we obtain details that they have actually turned up in a certain location, they generally relocate away as quickly as they have actually consumed the mistletoe berries within a couple of days. Even when I was fortunate sufficient ahead throughout them, all I can obtain was either an image of a dark shape of the bird versus heaven skies — given that they usually peck berries in addition to the trees — or one indistinct because of the thickly-growing branches.

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Japanese Waxwing © HIH Princess Takamado

When I can lastly take one, the bird’s face was tough to differentiate, concealed as it was by overlapping brances. After numerous duplicated failings, finally I prospered in taking these 2 pictures of waxwings in mistletoe trees in January in 2014. I anticipate you will certainly identify just how heavily the branches expand.

On the early morning I took the pictures, after listening to information that the group appeared to have actually relocated away, I was practically ready to surrender. Nevertheless, after I had actually waited on a hr, one bird showed up and also started to peck the berries. Apparently waxwings show exceptional interaction capabilities worrying where the food is. After a while, the variety of the birds raised to 2, and afterwards to 3, as if having actually been called by their good friend, and also ultimately they had actually ended up being a group of as several as 12 birds. Even seeing them made me rejoice, yet a lot more fortunately, among them flew off with berries in its mouth to the place where there was no branch in the means, permitting me a gold chance for photographing. I covertly punched the air in victory.

Japanese Waxwing © HIH Princess Takamado

Mistletoe and also waxwings have a cooperative connection. Mistletoe supplies waxwings with berries to consume and also waxwings, consequently, assistance to distribute the seeds by lugging them to brand-new places. Mistletoe has actually advanced sticky berries to make it very easy for the seeds in waxwings’ droppings to stick to a tree branch. The seeds have actually gotten capacity to sprout on the branch and also expand their origins right into the bark. We can securely claim that the mistletoe has actually definitely done well in obtaining assistance from the waxwing. The waxwing, consequently, additionally take advantage of the mistletoe, as it can eagerly anticipate an assured supply of food when it returns. It is without a doubt a win-win connection.

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Looking back on the year 2020, it was a really motivating year for me, as I was usually relocated incidentally individuals acted in the center of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even in such a tight spot they developed psychological bonds, sustained and also assisted each various other. This advised me that it is all-natural for humans to collect, and also essential for our survival not to be separated. Particularly since individuals are needed to avoid collecting to avoid infection, I wish we can remain to connect with each various other in a conscious means, and also, picking up from the waxwing’s terrific win-win connection with mistletoe, maintain and also restore our win-win connection with others towards a thriving future.

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Bohemian Waxwing © HIH Princess Takamado