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Cats LOVE to scrape. That’s absolutely not information for feline proprietors almost everywhere. We load our residence with scrape messages as well as do our ideal to conserve our furnishings. But what regarding nail caps? Are nail caps secure for pet cats? Let’s take a more detailed look …


There are numerous actions that we can take as feline proprietors to conserve our furnishings from devastation at the hands ( emergency room, paws as well as nails) of our pet cats.

Earlier this year, I shared my ideas as well as techniques to quit your feline from square one your furnishings.

As component of that checklist, I raised the truth that we utilize Soft Paws nail caps in our residence.

Since that message, I have actually gotten a variety of messages inquiring about making use of nail caps for pet cats as well as whether or note they are a risk-free choice.

I want to begin by explaining that no 2 pet cats coincide. This goes with any kind of item that gets on the marketplace, not simply toenail caps.

That being claimed, allow’s have a look at the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing nail caps, in addition to a number of the a lot more typical misconceptions.

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What Are Cat Nail Caps?

Also referred to as feline claw covers or ‘cat caps’, feline nail caps are a risk-free, safe plastic cover that is glued over each specific nail.

When used, it looks as though your feline is putting on nail gloss with the enjoyable pop of colour.

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For this factor, there are a range of colours for every period as well as design, varying from raw black to a glittery gold as well as every colour in between.

No curious about ‘dressing up’ your feline in the colour of the period? Clear caps are likewise readily available.

The ‘adhesive’ made use of is a fast-drying, veterinary-grade sticky created to hold the plastic cap on your feline’s nail till such time that they lost their nails normally.

While there are a range of various brand names presently on the marketplace, we just rely on the Soft Paws brand name in our residence.

Why? The Soft Paws item was created by vetDr Toby Wexler as a gentle option to declawing.

The moms and dad business Aquanta LLC is possessed as well as run by vetDr Christianne Schelling, an expert that has actually been marketing the Soft Paws item for over 16 years!

Unlike various other knock-off brand names curious about making a fast dollar, Soft Paws were created with pet dogs like ours in mind.

Is It True That Cat’s Can’ t Retract Their Nails When Wearing Nail Caps?

This is probably the greatest misconception that exists in regard to pet cats as well as nail caps.

In order to appropriately describe why this is extremely imprecise, we initially need to take a go back as well as go over exactly how a pet cat’s nails function.

Contrary to common belief, pet cats do not really withdraw their nails up right into the paw.

Instead, when a pet cat is loosened up, they merely life up off of the ground as well as come to relax in the hair around the toes.

Take time to peek at your feline’s nails when they are relaxing, as well as you will likely capture a look their nails amongst the hair (specifically if they are a shorter-haired feline or a hairless type like the Sphynx).

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This implies that the nail caps will merely withdraw with the nail, relaxing in the feline’s hair.

They are, nevertheless, seen a little much easier than your feline’s all-natural nail when in the relaxing placement because of the truth that they are thicker as well as commonly a strong colour.

KEEP IN MIND: There are a range of various dimensions of nail caps readily available (Kitten, Small, Medium, Large).

The internet site reviews the suggested sizing based upon your feline’s weight; nevertheless, you might require to evaluate or dimension down relying on your feline’s specific experience.

For even more info regarding sizing, look into the business’s dimension standards.

Cat's paw being held by a veterinary professional wearing disposable gloves, applying glow in the dark nail caps

Nail Cap Pros

As I previous discussed, the nail caps are an even more gentle option to declawing your feline if their scraping has actually come to be troublesome.

This might consist of not just the devastation of furnishings, however likewise scraping relative (consisting of kids or those with bleeding/clotting issues).

They can likewise be made use of to secure those that fight with persistent itching or various other skin-related concerns.

Made from a safe product, Soft Paws are not just secure when used appropriately on your feline, however likewise if they were to inadvertently consume a nail cap.

As they specify on the business internet site, “They simply hand down with the gastrointestinal system

Most pet cats will certainly get used to their brand-new nail caps swiftly. Before long, they will not also discover that they are using them.

They do not conflict with the activity of scraping or the advantages that originate from this activity (consisting of extending).

The just distinction you will certainly discover is that no damages will certainly happen from the claws when they make the scraping movement on any kind of surface area.

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Nail Cap Cons

As I sated above, most pet cats will certainly get used to their brand-new nail caps swiftly. Most being the keyword.

There are some pet cats that will certainly never ever totally get used to this item, eating as well as attacking at them as well as properly eliminating them each time that you place them on.

The just method to understand if they will certainly help your feline is with experimentation.

They do call for normal upkeep as your feline will certainly drop the nail caps every 4-6 weeks.

Not just do you require to locate time in your routine to change the caps routinely, however your feline will certainly likewise need to endure the application procedure each time.

Finally, nail caps need to not be made use of on any kind of feline that does go outdoors as they can hinder your feline’s capacity to safeguard themselves versus killers.

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Conclusion– Are Nail Caps Safe for Cats?

OF COURSE! In most instances, nail caps supply a risk-free, efficient option to issue scraping.

However, similar to numerous various other items, you require to make certain that you are buying from a trustworthy as well as respectable brand name like Soft Paws.

For even more info regarding the Soft Paws brand name, or to buy this joyful eco-friendly as well as gold shine combination, see their internet site.

Softpaws.com St. Patricks Day

feet of an orange and white cat, sitting on a white surface, wearing blue nail caps with the text asking are nail caps safe for cats?

Have you ever before attempted utilizing Soft Paws or one more nail cap item on your pet cats? If so, I would certainly enjoy to read about your experience in the remarks!

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