May 22, 2024


Cat with bananas

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Did you already know that April twenty first is formally acknowledged as Banana Day? It’s an odd hashtag vacation that’s rumored to have its roots within the development of scholars celebrating the fruit as a lunchbox staple.

But past the thought of trying to decorate your cat up as a banana in honor of the vacation, how about we glance into the year-round concern of whether or not cats can eat bananas?

You’ll in all probability be glad to know that most cats can sometimes eat bananas with out issues, however there are exceptions. Of course, all good issues needs to be carried out sparsely, and it is best to all the time ask your vet earlier than sharing human meals together with your cat, together with bananas.

Here’s what it is best to find out about cats and bananas.

The Nutritional Benefits Of Bananas For Cats

Cat and bananas

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From a dietary standpoint, bananas are potassium powerhouses. That’s a part of the explanation why they’re typically recommended as a human hangover treatment.

Potassium is nice for the kidneys and coronary heart, as properly.

Bananas are additionally a good supply of fiber.

The Nutritional Downside Of Bananas For Cats

Cat and banana

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On the opposite hand, bananas are additionally fairly carb heavy, and in case you’re at the moment in a battle to get your cat right down to their ideally suited weight, carbs could be the enemy.

Additionally, cats are greatest suited to a protein-based eating regimen, so including common bananas to feeding instances doesn’t look like the neatest technique to go.

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Bananas additionally comprise sugar, which is a substance that cats wrestle to digest. So that’s one other mark towards bringing bananas into the common feline eating circle.

Should Cats Eat Bananas As A Snack?

Kitten and bananas

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Yes, cats can certainly eat bananas as a snack, as long as you get the okay out of your vet.

Bananas should not poisonous to cats, so in case you discover your favourite feline stealing a little bit of your banana, there shouldn’t be any rapid hazard or well being considerations.

So if you wish to check out banana as a fast snack to your cat, lower off a tiny piece first or mush up some banana in a bowl and see in the event that they present any curiosity.

Cat in banana tree

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If you discover that your cat appears actually into the thought of scarfing down bananas, be cautious. Remember, a small piece of banana every so often could be okay. However, on account of their carb and sugar content material, bananas mustn’t turn out to be a daily a part of your cat’s eating regimen.

Has your cat ever tried a chew of your banana? Did they prefer it? Tell us all about it within the feedback part under!