May 18, 2024


The Swallow- trailed Kite is just one of North America’s most stunning predators, stunning any person fortunate sufficient to see this fork-tailed, white-and-black bird sail expenses on 4-foot-wide wings. Swallow- trailed Kites are long-distance travelers that invest their springtime as well as summertime in the southeastern UNITED STATE and afterwards winter months in mainSouth America The varieties’ UNITED STATE array has actually diminished in current years as well as a union of interested companies is aiding to keep as well as enhance environment problems for the Swallow- trailed Kite as well as various other woodland birds throughout fiber as well as woodland item supply chains.

This initiative combines International Paper (IP), American Bird Conservancy (ABC), the Avian Research as well as Conservation Institute (ARCI), Resource Management Service (RMS), Forest Investment Associates (FIA), as well as White Oak Forest Management (White Oak), to sustain the research of Swallow- trailed Kite woodland environment usage in South Carolina.

Swallow- trailed Kite, copyright Andy Adcock, from the surfbirds galleries

As component of this job, 3 Swallow- trailed Kites were caught as well as fitted with GENERAL PRACTITIONER transmitters near IP’s mill in Georgetown, South Carolina, on woodlands possessed or taken care of by RMS as well as FIA, with regional help fromWhite Oak In June, wild animals biologists securely recorded the 3 birds under authorizations released by the UNITED STATE Fish as well as Wildlife Service as well as the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, launching every one within half an hour.

Over the following numerous years, the task as well as places of these 3 birds will certainly be videotaped as well as evaluated by ARCI to much better recognize certain environments made use of for nesting, foraging, as well as roosting. This information will certainly be crucial to more enhancing the lasting woodland monitoring strategies made use of by landowners as well as supervisors that provide timber fiber to IP (for additional information, see Swallow- trailed Kite Forest Management Recommendations for Forest Owners). Countless wild animals varieties that share the kite’s environments take advantage of effective monitoring as well as the production of nesting as well as foraging environment problems for this varieties.

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The wide union of business that acquire the fiber, the landowners that proactively handle their woodlands, as well as preservation companies that supply knowledge as well as advice … with each other these stakeholders supply an outstanding instance of the collaboration as well as control required to make certain that our woodlands can sustain the future demands of wild animals, regional areas, as well as the economic climate.

Tracking Progress of the Georgetown Swallow- trailed Kites

In the coming weeks, the 3 Swallow- trailed Kites (called Peter’s Creek, Carver’s Bay, as well as Big Branch) will certainly start their movement toSouth America The birds probably will take a trip southern via Florida prior to leaving for a high-risk trip throughout the Gulf ofMexico The remainder of their southbound movement will certainly proceed overland to wintering locations in Brazil, Paraguay, orBolivia Once the birds start their trip, we’ll supply updates on their progression, disclosing just how these Swallow- trailed Kites accomplish their excellent movement to their winter months houses, after that back to nest websites in the southerly UNITED STATE in the springtime of 2022.