June 25, 2024


On the July 21, 2021, episode of Jeopardy!, “Birding” was among the classifications, and also our internet site, BirdWatchingDaily.com, was the resource for among the solutions. How cool is that!

For the $1,200 solution, visitor host Robin Roberts checked out the message while a picture of a California Condor was revealed on the display.

Roberts stated: “BirdWatchingDaily.com detailed this impressive, jeopardized raptor as the North American bird birdwatchers most intend to see.”

Contestant Josh Saak of Boise, Idaho, responded to appropriately with the concern, “What’s a California Condor?”

The video game program’s concern and also address originate from a study we performed in 2013, when we asked viewers which bird types they intend to see many. We released a checklist of 240 types that happen in the United States and also Canada and also asked viewers to select 10 that got on their “must-see” listing. Nearly 900 viewers reacted, and also undoubtedly the condor took the leading place. The Whooping Crane, Spotted Owl, Gyrfalcon, and also Green Jay were additionally amongst the leading 10.

You can check out the complete write-up regarding the 10 most-wanted birds right here.

Here’s the clip from Jeopardy! including a lot of the birding group:


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