April 14, 2024


Greetings pawsome people and cat cohorts.

It’s Forrest, popping up once more with a subject most would by no means contemplate. Do cats get pimples?

To reply this, let me squeeze in a fast story.

When I used to be staying at my foster dwelling, I had a pal with some critical sensitivities. She was a Himalayan combine and as I’ve discovered, that’s a breed which tends in direction of pores and skin points along with respiratory issues. But she was an awesome cat and I typically consider her. Surely she’s making somebody chuckle often as she had the cutest little snort when she obtained excited.


And she typically obtained excited.

Birds on the window. Snort.

Fresh meals within the bowl. Snort.

A very good nap. Snort and snore.

But she’d additionally get snorty when she anxious. Like the day she found pimples on her chin.

Cat Acne Rises

My Himmi pal woke me from a nap, pacing in her tizzy over the invention of some darkish flaky stuff on her chin. As I opened my eyes, there she stood, her chin thrust in my face as she requested, “Forrest, what’s this black stuff on my chin?”


She certainly had tiny black flecks crusted in her chin fur. It seemed as if she’d rubbed solely her chin in a potted plant.

Before we may muse way more over the black stuff, our foster mother scooped up my Himmi pal and went to city cleansing her chin with a heat washcloth and a few fancy medicated shampoo. As she labored, she mentioned, “Yep, Himmi woman, you’ve obtained chin pimples. No extra plastic for you!”

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My pal had certainly developed pimples on her chin, however fortunately our foster mother had a eager eye and noticed the blackheads earlier than they grew into painful bumps. Plus, she changed all of the plastic meals and water bowls with glass and stainless-steel. Apparently the nicks and scratches that develop in plastic over time can maintain micro organism which may block up pores to create the pimples.


But plastic dishes aren’t the one wrongdoer for clogged pores and hair follicles. Acne in cats will also be attributable to:

  • Allergies
  • Fleas or different pests
  • Overactive oil glands
  • Lack of correct grooming
  • Food and water bowls that aren’t cleaned often, regardless of in the event that they’re made from plastic, glass, or steel.

So, to carry the query to a head, sure, cats do get pimples. But it may be resolved fairly simply when caught early. If your kitty’s chin is scabby and sore although, make an appointment with the vet. And no matter you do, don’t pop your kitty’s zits. This could cause an infection.


My pal’s chin cleared up rapidly with the brand new bowls and some days of some particular wipes our foster mother saved chirping about. She was a singer that one, however I discovered loads from her foolish songs. My favourite of her chorales was entitled…

Don’t neglect to feed the cat.

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Feature Image: @pumpkin_the_rescued_cat/Instagram & @opieandsusu/Instagram

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