April 15, 2024
Chow Chow


With his plentiful ruff, well-known cleanliness and celebrated braveness, the Chow Chow is famed for a lot of lion-like similarities. He’s additionally well-known for his sovereign spirit, perpetual scowl, and noble countenance. The breed comes by satisfaction truthfully:

He’s one of many oldest canine breeds, with a historical past of each working for commoners and serving as lordly companions to Chinese nobles. Today the Chow has an virtually cat-like unbiased streak that someway efficiently coexists together with his (dog-like!) devotion.

chow chow

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No beginner right here

A historical breed, the Chow was developed in China as an all-around working canine. Early Chows hunted, guarded, herded and hauled provides for their house owners. Some Chows had been companions to Chinese nobles. One emperor (Tang Dynasty) apparently owned a kennel with 1000’s of Chows.

Sailors transporting the canine again to England within the nineteenth century discovered a brand new fan: Queen Victoria. Her curiosity within the breed vastly contributed to the recognition in England.

chow chow

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Day-to-day with a Chow Chow

The Chow is a dignified breed, commanding each respect and admiration. He normally reserves his greetings, affection, and loyalty to his house owners. He’s sometimes aloof with newcomers. To discern pal from foe, the Chow requires constant and assorted socialization experiences as a pet. Not an extreme barker, the Chow is but a dependable watchdog. New arrivals to the house ought to watch for an introduction earlier than coming into a Chow’s home or yard. This vigilant breed might chase off newcomers, particularly if his house owners aren’t round.

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Daily walks and average train go well with the Chow. He isn’t an enormous fan of high-stamina sports activities, and he enjoys indoor residing (particularly in a scorching climate). Out and about, full-grown Chows aren’t characteristically desperate to play with new canine. While intensive socialization mitigates this trait, the Chow isn’t characteristically the “play with everybody” breed.

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Time for coaching

Training the Chow presents challenges. Families should navigate the breed’s individuality and independence together with his innate intelligence. Throughout the historical past, the Chow was typically anticipated to make his personal choices whereas working in powerful environments and circumstances. Even at this time, the Chow typically thinks for himself. He definitely gained’t stay for human applause after executing the identical previous instructions. In truth, his want for self-governance seemingly will quash his proprietor’s pleas for a Roll Over. And don’t even hassle requesting “Shake.” Chows might be ready so that you can bow, not shake palms!

Chow Chow Quick Facts

Weight: 45 to 70 kilos
Life span: 8 to 12 years
Coat: Two coat sorts  (each are double-coated; sure, each shed): tough and easy
Color: Black, crimson, blue, cinnamon or cream
Grooming: Chows are a naturally clear breed, however, they’ll want common brushing to maintain their coats in high form.
Tongue: The breed has a singular blue-black tongue.
Best for: Experienced canine house owners on the lookout for sturdy companions; house owners dedicated to offering intensive socialization and coaching.
Equipment: Combs, slicker and pin brushes. And a powerful arm for grooming!
Possible well-being points: Overheating if over-exercised in scorching climate; hip and elbow dysplasia
Proposed breed quote: “To end up, suppose for your self.” — Socrates
Breed-specific laws/guidelines: Chows could also be prohibited by breed-specific laws, or bans in accommodations, owners’ teams or flats.

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