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Felines have a repute for being about as trainable as a herd of eels, however do you know cats truly reply very properly to clicker coaching. As cats reply higher to optimistic reinforcement than damaging response and punishment, providing them meals, a favourite toy, or particular love pats can inspire them to just do as you request!

Throw out the outdated notion of cats being untrainable and discover ways to clicker prepare your cat to do something from staying off the counter to supplying you with a excessive 5!

You might have heard the time period earlier than, however simply what’s clicker coaching for cats? And why ought to you concentrate on such coaching in your cat?

Animal Wellness Magazine defines clicker coaching as “a optimistic reinforcement methodology primarily based on behavioral psychology.”

Which means as an alternative of yelling at kitty or busting out the much-disputed spray bottle, you’re going to show your cat to cease doing one thing you think about a nasty conduct with a easy sound and a few form of reward. Sound unimaginable?

cat clicker training

It actually isn’t! Cats are extremely smart creatures needing not solely meals, water, and play from you, but in addition psychological stimulation. Feline enrichment is simply as essential nearly as good vitamin and healthcare. Clicker coaching to amass new abilities or cease unhealthy conduct will maintain your cat’s thoughts simply as agile as his physique!

Plus, clicker coaching cats may also help scale back their stress in relation to their healthcare. Dr. Marci L. Koski, an authorized feline conduct and coaching marketing consultant, explains, “Clicker coaching may assist educate your cat to take part in low-stress dealing with procedures similar to nail-trimming and giving drugs.”

So, coaching cats isn’t unimaginable. In reality, utilizing optimistic reinforcement will maintain kitties fortunately concerned with studying new issues.

But what can cats be taught from clicker coaching? Almost something you’ll be able to think about!

Solve Bad Behavior with a Clicker

Clicker coaching can resolve nearly all conduct points in the home. Have cats who bully one another? Click that button whenever you see them interacting in a approach that isn’t all hisses and swats. This teaches the pair you prefer to see them tolerate one another somewhat than preventing.


But extra than simply instructing cats get alongside, Pam Johnson-Bennett, a number one cat conduct specialist, tells Animal Wellness Magazine, clicker coaching may also help felines with:

  • Aggression towards people and canine in addition to different cats, together with biting and scratching
  • Scratching at furnishings and partitions
  • Excessive vocalization
  • Other shows of damaging or damaging attention-seeking
  • Remaining calm throughout occasions of excessive stress, like vet visits or getting in a provider

Johnson-Bennett provides, “The solely scenario during which I don’t use it’s with litter field coaching, as a result of I don’t need to disturb the cat at that second.”

If you’ll be able to keep away from clicker coaching with grownup cats the place the litter pan is anxious, that’s for one of the best. The litter pan is a type of messy points during which cats will be simply thrown off. If you’re having an issue with inappropriate soiling, talk about the problem along with your vet. If nothing else solves the issue, then give clicker coaching a attempt, however do get medical recommendation first.

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For kittens, who’re simply forming their opinions of the world, clicker coaching will be a wonderful device to assist cussed infants be taught good litter pan habits.

clicker training kittens

Fun Cat Clicker Training to Sharpen Feline Minds

Clicker coaching cats does extra than simply remedy unhealthy behaviors. It may give them a repertoire of cool tips! But better of all, it’s preserving your cat’s thoughts transferring. As cats age, their cognitive processes start to say no. Help sluggish the development of senility in cats by preserving them engaged and inspiring their well-known curiosity.

But when selecting what tips to show your cat, take their character into perspective. Teach them issues that make sense for them. For instance, cats who are inclined to the lazier aspect of life want low power tips whereas fireball cats want tips geared towards burning out a few of their power.


Getting Started with Clicker Training for Cats

What you’ll want for clicker coaching cats:

  • A keen cat – Cats are sensible little beasts who spend their days studying about all the things daring to cross  their paths. And since felines like to be taught, coaching with a clicker comes fairly naturally to such intuitive animals. But by no means power your cat into any exercise. Doing so will create a rift in your carefully-crafted relationship.
  • Clicker machine – These will be bought on-line or you’ll be able to obtain a clicker coaching app. You may use one thing you discover at dwelling, however make sure the device delivers an unchanging sound each time it’s used. This may very well be a click-style ink pen or the snap of your fingers, for instance. The thought is to create a definite sound your cat identifies as a cue.
  • Positive reinforcement issue – For most kitties, cat treats and meals can be your reward for the conduct you’re reinforcing. Cats who aren’t meals motivated could be a little trickier to reward. But you realize your cat and his favourite issues. What makes him the happiest? Is it a foolish mouse toy? Or merely chin rubs from you? Toys and scratches can function best optimistic reinforcement for cats who don’t give a fig for snacks.

How to Clicker Train Your Cat

Introducing the Clicker

The first step to clicker coaching your cat is introducing the clicker. To do that, have meals or treats readily available. Or, already take note of what toy or lovey pets you’ll offer as a reward.


Show the clicker to the cat earlier than clicking it of their presence. As we all know, kitties will be jumpy with new noises. Let your cat take a look at the clicker and provide plenty of glad reassurances. When it appears kitty is feeling alright about this new factor, then click on the button, instantly providing your cat a deal with behind the clicking.

Don’t really feel discouraged in case your cat runs off and appears at you want a madman throughout this introduction. Cats take time to heat as much as new concepts. Like many people, they aren’t large followers of change. Just maintain training, clicking, and treating positively till your cat acknowledges the click noise as an excellent factor. Once the cat feels good concerning the clicker, you’ll be able to progress to shaping behaviors.

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Shaping for Success

To get your cat extra accustomed to the clicker and its that means, begin with issues she does already. One of the best behaviors to begin with is when your cat is gazing you. She does this already and also you adore it, so start there. When you occur to see your cat gazing you, click on the clicker and deal with her. This helps her get the thought the sound of the ‘click on’ means glad reward time.


Love how your kitty lady kisses the tip of your nostril along with her raspy tongue? Use this as one other shaping conduct by clicking the clicker because the kisses are occurring after which give her the deal with. Be conscious although, as soon as a cat positively associates conduct, she might begin doing the click-worthy motion on her personal and sometimes. In this case, anticipate an adorably obnoxious quantity of sandpaper kisses!

Behavior Modification with Clicker Training

Cats don’t reply properly to yelling, spanking, or different punitive measures. If something, these actions can drive a wedge between you and your cat. But with optimistic reinforcement coaching utilizing a clicker, you and kitty can reside in concord!

Here’s an instance of conduct modification utilizing clicker coaching:

You don’t need your cat to leap on the kitchen counter anymore.

First factor you’ll want to recollect, discourage the unhealthy behavior with mainly no response. Scoop your cat up when he hops on the counter and deposit him on the tree. Click the button as he stands on the tree and deal with your boy. Do this each time he jumps on the counter.

When he as an alternative decides to go sit on his cat tree with out your prompting, click on the clicker and provide the deal with. Anytime you occur to see your cat select an appropriate spot that isn’t the counter, click on and deal with! Soon, your sensible cat will be taught, I don’t get treats once I get on the counter, guess I received’t try this anymore. And you by no means needed to elevate your voice or get a squirt bottle!


For instructing your cat a cool trick like a excessive 5, Karen Pryor, clicker coaching guru, affords detailed directions for instructing your cat a number of tips. See for those who and your cat can grasp any of those along with her steering. Plus, Google searches and movies will give you some ideas on how finest to clicker prepare cats to do enjoyable tips! It all relies on what sounds enjoyable to you and your kitty.

Don’t neglect, tips want verbal cues too. When you’re coaching your cat to do a trick, be sure you all the time say what it’s they’re doing. For instance, for those who’re instructing your cat to face on her hind legs, inform her ‘get up’ or no matter cute identify you need her to know because the command for standing up. Cats be taught what phrases imply fairly quick. They’ve confirmed this repeatedly with their uncanny skill to know the phrase ‘meals’ proper from the beginning!

clicker training cats

If the thought of clicker coaching appears intimidating, shake these ideas away! Cats are clever animals who get pleasure from studying new issues. In reality, studying tips and the engagement that comes with coaching offers essential stimulation for the feline mind.

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Boiled down, listed below are the essential concepts behind clicker prepare cats:

  • You’ll want a clicker device or app, a optimistic reinforcement like treats, meals, toys, or particular consideration, and a keen cat.
  • When your cat performs the specified motion you’ve formed them to, whether or not good conduct or a trick, click on the clicker.
  • Immediately following the clicking, provide your chosen optimistic reinforcement together with an encouraging, joyful response.
  • Repeat!
how to clicker train cats

A Note on Clicker Training in Multi-Cat Homes

Whether or not you need to prepare your cats collectively or individually is a call finest left to the cat father or mother as you realize your felines finest. Marny Nofi, a senior conduct supervisor on the ASPCA Behavioral Sciences Team, assures cats will be skilled collectively as “cats can inform when the clicking is supposed for them, so there’s no have to separate cats or keep away from clicking in entrance of a cat when coaching one other.”

If your cat can ignore one other cat’s click on, purrfect. But if one kitty retains interfering with particular coaching meant for simply one of many cats, then it is perhaps a good suggestion to separate them throughout early coaching. Eventually, the clicker will turn out to be outdated hat and everybody could have their routine in relation to click on and deal with.

clicker training cats

What Not to Do During Clicker Training

Clicker coaching cats sounds easy, proper? It actually will be with some cats. Others will take slightly longer to get it and that’s wonderful too. Don’t get mad or annoyed along with your cat. What’s essential is remaining affected person and permitting your cat to dictate coaching velocity. After all, if a cat views coaching as a hectic scenario, he’ll keep away from it in any respect prices and would possibly very properly do the alternative of the specified outcome.

If you are feeling annoyed throughout coaching, take a break and step away. Clicker coaching your cat ought to be a enjoyable exercise for you each. It’s a wonderful bonding train that helps kind a tighter belief between you and your cat. Enjoy the coaching and make it enjoyable for kitty too!

teaching cat tricks

5 Quick Tips for Clicker Training Cats 

  1. Whatever you select to be the optimistic reinforcement, be certain it’s one thing that basically will get your cat’s consideration. An particularly pungent deal with that offers them swirly eyes or a toy their paws can’t assist however seize for make best selections to get them motivated.
  2. When coaching cats with treats, decide up meals bowls to maintain felines extra within the treats you’re providing. If they’ve gorged on crunch, then a cat might take a lackadaisical angle towards coaching.
  3. Start will small behaviors and work as much as bigger duties. Don’t overwhelm kitty with an excessive amount of straight away or he would possibly lose curiosity.
  4. Stay calm. Remain affected person. Cats do issues in their very own time. It’s their world and don’t neglect it!
  5. Have enjoyable spending time along with your furry finest pal as you journey into to enjoyable world of clicker coaching for cats!

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