June 25, 2024


Ginger kitten peeking out from under the table and scratching furniture

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One of our Cat Time visitors has a feline that will not quit clawing the furnishings. Is there anything he can do to quit the damaging? He creates:

Dear Tabby,

My spouse and also I simply took on a feline for our household, and also every person enjoys her. The just trouble is that Furball is clawing our dining-room chairs right into bows.

We would certainly never ever have her declawed, however what can we do to make her quit? Please assistance!


Surly Cat Relentlessly Attacking The Chairs Habitually

Dear Tabby Has The Answer!

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

You can not heal feline damaging, S.C.R.A.T.C.H.; it’s reaction, and also felines do it to note their region. You additionally absolutely do not intend to declaw Furball, and also penalizing the feline will not function.

What you require to do is reroute your feline to damage another thing– ideally a damaging message. The quicker you begin re-educating them the much better.

Several kinds of damaging blog posts are offered on the marketplace, however seek something that looks like the form of what Furball suches as to damage. Place the damaging message beside your dining-room chairs, and also it would not injure to scrub a little catnip on the message so she’s brought in to it.

Also ensure the damaging message is firmly secured; if it tips over, it might shock her, and also she might not intend to utilize it once more. And bear in mind, do not toss a “shredded” damaging message away, although maybe an eye sore. Cats boast of their job, and also might obtain distressed if you discard it.

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You can additionally dissuade Furball from the ground up the chairs by splashing them with a citrus spray. Just ensure it does not discolor. Placing double-sided tape or tinfoil on the “targeted” framework additionally aids dissuade felines from the ground up it.

Trimming your feline’s claws is an additional efficient activity you can take. You can do this treatment on your own, possibly with the assistance of an additional relative, or your vet can do it.

Another option is to cap your feline’s claws with an item such as Soft Paws to maintain your furnishings risk-free. Like clipping claws you can do it on your own or have it done at your veterinarian’s workplace.

Does your feline like to damage? How do you maintain them from clawing your furnishings? Let us understand in the remarks listed below, and also leave a concern for Dear Tabby!

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