May 21, 2024


Beautiful young yellow Maine Coon cat working on laptop.

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Who does not enjoy viewing feline video clips? We feline followers certain adore searching for felines on You Tube. In reality, researches have actually also revealed that viewing feline video clips benefits your wellness!

But some individuals go a little crazy as well as develop feline video clips that are so absurd, they ought to most likely be provided an honor program classification all their very own.

Here are 5 specifically ridiculous You Tube feline video clips that you definitely have to see.

1. 100 Ways To Love A Cat

Warning: Once you view this video clip, the track will certainly be embeded your head all day

This video clip is 35 mins long as well as includes an appealing song that lulls “There are 100 means to enjoy a pet cat, 100 caring means.” It has essentially 100 means you can enjoy your feline.

They consist of “Way 1: Keep a Tidy House for Them,” “Way 20: Take Their Picture,” “Way 57: Dress Them Up in Ribbons,” as well as “Way 61: When they damage you, do not snap!”

2. Cat Meowing For 12 Hours

Not joking regarding the title of this one. This is a You Tube video clip that includes twelve hrs of continuous feline meowing, with a couple of purrs included.

There aren’t also video clips of pet cats on this. Just an image of a kitty together with twelve hrs of feline audios.

According to You Tube remarks, individuals like to make use of the video clip to perplex their very own pet cats or canines.

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3. Ten Hour Meow Mix

It’s a pet cat go crazy! For 10 hrs!

This video clip was initially made in other places, and after that a resourceful You Tube individual determined to prolong it for a grand 10 hrs. This suggests that if you’re having individuals over for an event, you can play this video clip behind-the-scenes the whole time.

You truly do require to view the video clip since it’s an artwork, full with a pet cat capturing lasers that launch a cloud of feline deals with onto a group of partying kittycats.

4. What Does The Cat Say?

Do you keep in mind the prominent video clip, “What Does the Fox Say?” Well, this resourceful team made an apology called “What Does the Cat Say?”

The video clip is quite amusing as well as presently stands at over eleven million sights, although the original was quite excellent itself.

5. Epic Video Of A Cat Blinking

This video clip really accompanies a tale that was uploaded onThe Verge Apparently, the author’s phone began making feline video clips all by itself.

Confusing also after you have actually checked out the tale, the video clip is a great deal much more complex if you simply discover it arbitrarily on You Tube.

The impressive songs goes along with a not-so-epic video clip as well as picture of a pet cat, duplicated over as well as over. Despite its simpleness, it’s fairly exciting.

What’s your preferred absurd feline video clip on You Tube? Have you made any one of your very own ridiculous feline movies? Let us recognize in the remarks listed below!

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