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The primary step in the direction of the reintroduction of the Griffon Vulture Gyps fulvus right into the wild in Morocco go back to 2017, with the launch of 5 marauders by the Water as well asForestry Department Since after that, the division, in collaboration with GREPOM/BirdLife Maroc, has actually made determined initiatives which have actually assisted accomplish today’s success.

“It is an actual satisfaction to see Griffon Vultures breeding as well as reproducing for the really very first time atJbel Moussa Griffon Vultures had actually been reproducing in Morocco up until the 1980s, yet recognized swarms left as well as the varieties more than likely went away from the nation afterwards,” states Khadija Bourass, Executive Director of GREPOM/Birdlife Maroc

The effective job was carried out at the Vulture Rehabilitation Centre on the southerly coast of the Strait of Gibraltar, exactly on the top of the magnificent Mount Jbel Moussa, an organic as well as environmental website. The centre, co-managed by GREPOM/BirdLife Maroc as well as the Water as well as Forestry Department, was opened up in May 2020 as well as a month later on, it organized the launch of the Griffon Vultures’ reintroduction program. Through this program, marauders in distress that are saved throughout yearly movement durations are put in specialized centers where they are offered with needed treatment up until their recuperation.

Two Griffon Vultures from the reintroduction program ©  Rachid Elkhamlichi

As component of this job, in June 2020 10 grown-up marauders were moved from the Dream Village Park in Mohammadia to the Jbel Moussa Vulture Rehabilitation Centre to aid them change as well as obtain educated prior to being launched right into the wild. During this duration, the Water as well as Forestry Department as well as GREPOM/BirdLife Maroc groups carefully kept track of the marauders’ adjustment, set development efforts, as well as nesting practices, while on a regular basis giving them with food.

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Six months later on, in January 2021, 8 of the 10 Griffon Vultures were launched right into the wild throughout the reproducing period, in the hope that they would certainly reproduce in the wild as well as motivate wild marauders in the area to resume this practices. As it ended up, the initiatives involved thrive! The group remained to check the launched people as well as observed proof of reproducing in the wild by the end of January, with set development as well as breeding.

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Griffon vultures from the reintroduction program at the feeding station © Rachid Elkhamlichi

“Our following difficulty is to observe the price of combination of these marauders in the wild, effective reproduction as well as capacity to make it through as well as look for food outside the reintroduction website,” states Rachid El Khamlichi, head of the Vulture Rehabilitation Centre.

In this respect, the group is thinking about branching out the areas of feeding terminals to motivate the launched marauders to obtain utilized to entering into brand-new locations looking for food. “Even though we require to commemorate the success accomplished thus far, our goal is to guarantee the sustainability of swarm survival in the tool as well as long-term,” states El Khamlichi.

“The present success of this program is greatly pertaining to the harmony in between GREPOM as well as the Water as well asForestry Department Nevertheless, we need financial backing to aid us maintain the program,” states Bourass.

Vultures in Morocco

Of the 5 varieties of marauder that as soon as reproduced in Morocco, just 2 still continue to be: The Bearded Vulture Gypaetus barbatus (Near Threatened) as well as the Egyptian Vulture Neophron percnopterus (Endangered), which remain to reproduce in the Middle as well as Upper Atlas areas. The various other 3: the Lappet- encountered Vulture Torgos tracheliotos (Endangered), Cinereous Vulture Aegypius monachus (Near Threatened) as well as Griffon Vulture, went away from Morocco throughout the 20th century primarily because of absence of food, poaching, poisoning as well as loss of environment.

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