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If you’re wanting to include test subject to your family members however you’re a little restricted on offered area, this message is for you! Today, we’re mosting likely to review test subject cage concepts for little rooms. More particularly, we are mosting likely to discuss taking advantage of the area that you have offered. Let’s start!


One of one of the most typical concerns that I am asked because beginning Shed Happens is ‘Which family pet is the most effective selection for a youngster?

While there is no ‘one dimension fits all’ solution to this concern, test subject are usually on top of my listing. Why?

Guinea pigs are extremely mild and also patient animals that do not mind being taken care of by your youngster ( with appropriate guidance, certainly).

They are likewise social and also talkative, enabling your youngster to get in touch with their family pet and also develop an actual bond.

As for the duty and also job entailed, test subject are reasonably simple to look after.

Don’ t obtain me incorrect, they aren’t hands off. However, their day-to-day treatment is relatively easy and also simple for more recent family pet proprietors or those that have an interest in obtaining their youngsters entailed.

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There is one demand that is usually ignored when bringing a test subject right into the house, which is the quantity of area that a test subject requires to be satisfied in their environment.

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Unlike various other little pets, test subject can not securely utilize a workout wheel.

The form and also stature of their bodies are not suitable with the method the workout wheels run, usually resulting in back and also leg injuries.

Instead, a test subject requires a practice that supplies adequate flooring area to move easily.

The Humane Society of the United States suggests a bare minimum of 7.5 square feet for a solitary test subject, with the area required raising for extra animals ( certainly).

It’s likewise essential to keep in mind that this is the flooring area demand.

These requires can not be fulfilled by including extra floorings to benefit from upright area.

So, the concern continues to be, exactly how do you give a comfy environment for a test subject when your area is restricted?

3 Guinea Pig Cage Ideas for Small Spaces

# 1– Configure the Pen to Maximize Your Space

Most readily offered test subject cages will not satisfy the area demands for your brand-new family pet.

For this factor, several seasoned proprietors will certainly advise constructing your very own C&C (dice & & Coroplast) cage.

These usage storage space dice grids and also a kind of corrugated plastic called Coroplast, constructed with typical dice ports and also wire connections.

The highlight concerning producing your very own environment is that you can tailor it to the area that you have offered.

For instance, if the area offered occurs to be the edge of your space, you can make the most of that area by establishing your dices in a pyramid form branching off from the edge.

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# 2– Make Use of Storage Space Above/Below the Pen

While you can not use upright area to include in your test subject’s environment, it can be made use of to assist fit the pen right into your house.

How? By optimizing your use the area over or listed below the pen itself.

One of one of the most innovative establish that I have actually seen was established in a living-room location.

It made use of 2 dice design storage space racks, organized back-to-back with an item of timber on the top to develop a strong surface area for the pen.

The storage space racks were made use of to save test subject materials, crafting materials, and also much more.

The highlight? The material storage space dices made use of festinated and also orderly in spite of the wide range of various products concealed away within.

Alternatively, your test subject pen can expand listed below various other furnishings or frameworks in your house ( as long as there suffices area).

I had a pal in secondary school whose test subject pen was greatly positioned underneath their tv stand, prolonging bent on one side.

The area under a furniture piece like a television stand or end table is usually squandered. Why not benefit from it?

# 3– Consider Creative Locations for Your Guinea Pig’s Habitat

Finally, attempt assuming outside package when it involves the possible places that can be made use of to fit your brand-new family pet.

I when saw a person that developed a coffee table that was 2/3 test subject pen with a strong table along the one end.

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Not just did they still belong to take a seat their beverages, however they likewise had their brand-new friend with them whenever they were socializing in their primary home.

Tap right into that imagination! Just maintain your test subject’s safety and security and also joy in mind …

black and white guinea pig looking out the door of its cage with a bed of timothy hay beside it and the text '3 creative guinea pig cage ideas for small spaces'

Do you have any kind of enjoyable or distinct test subject cage concepts for little rooms? I would certainly enjoy to listen to everything about them in the remark area!

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