June 11, 2024


The Snowdonia- birthed bird, called Bomber, has actually resisted assumptions by flying virtually 1000 miles from Wales to Spain – – two times.

  • Scientists at the RSPB made the exploration many thanks to reducing side satellite-tagging modern technology
  • It is wished that Bomber will certainly go back to Wales to nest in the coming months

A chicken harrier called Bomber has actually resisted assumptions by finishing a trip of virtually 1000 miles from north Wales to north Spain, where she has actually invested the last 2 wintertimes.

The young women, that hatched out in the Migneint, Snowdonia in 2019, was fitted with a satellite-tracking gadget while she was still in the nest. This has actually permitted researchers at the RSPB to follow her unbelievable trip, which took her throughout the English Channel to the Navarra area of north Spain in 2019, where she invested her very first winter months.

Bomber flew house to Wales the adhering to springtime, working out in a location of the Carneddau array, around 25 miles where she had actually hatched out. Not all chicken harriers reproduce in their very first year, nevertheless Bomber paired with a man, however unfortunately none of their chicks endured.

Hen Harrier, copyright Andy Adcock, from the surfbirds galleries

While most women chicken harriers often tend to continue to be near house all their lives, on 3 November 2020 this globe-trotter was on the relocation once again, as well as was back in her winter months area by 18November She had actually covered over 1000 miles in simply over 2 weeks.

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Hen harriers are uncommon, secured predators which reproduce in upland locations of the UK. Males are grey with black wingtips as well as women are multicolor brownish as well as lotion. During their reproduction period, the men execute excellent acrobatic manoeuvres, which are courtship display screens referred to as ‘skydancing’.

Their populace has actually decreased in current years mainly as a result of human mistreatment. A study is 2016 revealed that 35 territorial sets were discovered in Wales, which is a 39% decline considering that 2010.

Niall Owen, Assistant Investigations Officer at the RSPB, stated:

“Initially our companied believe that a lot of our marked chicken harriers remained in the uplands of the UK all year-round. However, it’s ended up being clear that around 10% of birds go across the English Channel for the winter months, frequently bound for France orSpain None of our marked RSPB birds that took a trip to Spain have actually made it back to the UK till lately.

“Bomber’s tale is a lot more amazing, due to the fact that a lot of women chicken harriers often tend not to roam much where they hatched out. It’s unbelievable just how these birds locate their back to the specific very same place, virtually 1000 miles away, with such accuracy. Exactly just how they do it continues to be a secret.”

The RSPB is confident that Bomber will certainly go back to Wales in the coming months as well as nest one more time as well as send out a brand-new brave generation out right into the globe.

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Source www.surfbirds.com