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You might prefer to joke that your cat is allergic to you. If your kitties steadily cover, solely rising to let you realize they’re hungry or to wake you up at 5 a.m. for no obvious motive, saying they’re allergic to folks is a humorous gag.

But there’s an opportunity — albeit a really small one — that it’s true. Scientists say cats could be allergic to folks. However, it’s extraordinarily uncommon. Michelle Burch, D.V.M., from Safe Hounds Pet Insurance has by no means had a case in her apply.

“Humans bathe steadily,” Dr. Burch says. “Thankfully, that helps reduce down on the dander and allergy symptoms which can be there.”

There’s truly a greater likelihood that your cat isn’t allergic to you however one thing you employ in your pores and skin or to scrub your house. Dr. Burch shares methods to acknowledge and diagnose cat allergy symptoms and what you are able to do to maintain cats comfy (and perhaps grow to be extra keen to cuddle with you).

is my my cat allergic to me?

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What are the indicators my cat is allergic to me?

Though Dr. Burch says it’s unlikely your cat is allergic to you, she is aware of it could possibly occur. Cats who’re allergic to people will show sure allergy signs.

“The commonest signs you’ll see is that your cat goes to be fairly itchy,” Dr. Burch says. “There goes to be fur loss, redness of the pores and skin, scabbing and open sores.”

You can also discover rodent ulcers or infected and swollen lips. Cats can also develop power sneezing.

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What are another causes my cat’s allergy signs seem worse round me?

While your cat most likely isn’t allergic to you, some cats are allergic or delicate to sure fragrances.

“Any perfumes or physique spray with high-scent fragrances, even the heavily-perfumed physique washes may cause reactions in cats,” Dr. Burch warns. “Air freshener plug-ins could be very sturdy to the place they find yourself inflicting irritation to cats.”

Scented waxes, important oils and incense can also be inflicting Kitty to sneeze. And a sure unhealthy behavior can also be making them uncomfortable.

“If you’re a smoker and smoke in the home or close to your cat, the nicotine and smoke can even trigger irritation to your cat’s respiratory system,” Dr. Burch says.

What ought to I do if I believe my cat is allergic to me (or one thing else in my home)?

If you observed your cat is allergic to you, communicate together with your vet. They will doubtless write you a referral for a dermatologist. The dermatologist normally runs allergy testing by pricking the cat’s pores and skin with a small quantity of suspected allergens to see how Kitty reacts.

If your cat is allergic to you, that doesn’t imply you have to do away with them.

“Treatment for [a cat’s] human allergy symptoms is immunotherapy, so they’d get allergy injections to assist desensitize the immune system to react to human dander and hairs,” Dr. Burch says.

She additionally suggests utilizing a vacuum with a HEPA filter and placing one in your air con unit.

“It will get your dander and the pores and skin cells that accumulate within the atmosphere out,” Dr. Burch says.

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HEPA filters can even assist in case your cat is allergic to fragrances you employ in your physique or residence, although Dr. Burch recommends nixing perfumes and heavily-scented physique washes in case you can. As for holding your air smelling recent, strive a charcoal pillow as an alternative of plug-ins.

“The charcoal grabs odors out and helps freshen the air,” Dr. Burch says.

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