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Most cats don’t drink sufficient water. Because cats are so self-sufficient, we assume they know what’s finest for his or her well being, and lots of occasions they do. But I discovered the significance of getting a cat to drink extra water — with a medical scare that concerned a dehydrated cat. So, is your cat not ingesting water or is your cat not ingesting sufficient water? We’ve outlined what it is advisable find out about cats ingesting water, tips on how to get your cat to drink water and extra:

A cat not ingesting water might make for a dehydrated cat. Photography by Phant / Shutterstock.

The cautionary story of 1 dehydrated cat

A cat not ingesting water might result in severe issues. A few years in the past, my cat Pugsley was spending quite a lot of time within the litter field, straining to pee. Nothing was popping out. Something instructed me this was not good. When I picked him up round his center and he cried out in ache, I knew he was in bother. It was Friday evening at 10 (after all) and I rushed him to the emergency vet. Thank goodness I did.

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Pugsley’s urethra was clogged with urinary stones — one of many unintended effects of a cat not ingesting water, or a cat not ingesting sufficient water. They are like a “plug” of sentimental, compressible materials consisting of minerals, cells and mucus-like protein. Urine backs up and the kidneys can’t take away toxins from the blood or maintain fluids and electrolytes in steadiness. This can result in loss of life inside 24 to 48 hours if not handled instantly.

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Thankfully, Pugsley was handled in time, however the vet instructed me the No. 1 approach to stop him from reblocking and probably requiring surgical procedure was to maintain him hydrated. You higher consider I began trying into methods to get my cats to drink extra water.

But a blocked urethra isn’t the one medical difficulty that outcomes from a cat not ingesting water. Just as with people, cats’ urinary well being is tied on to water consumption, so issues like urinary tract infections and crystals are much less doubtless in a well-hydrated cat. Digestive well being additionally advantages from elevated water consumption. I’ve made it a precedence to strive the whole lot I can to get my cats to drink extra water.

Is your cat not ingesting water, or not ingesting sufficient water? Avoid having a dehydrated cat by getting your cat to drink extra water: 

1. Switch to a largely wet-food weight-reduction plan

Canned meals merely has extra moisture. According to my vet, that is the best approach to get your cat to drink extra water and keep away from a dehydrated cat.

If your cat received’t eat moist meals, add water or broth to dry meals and see if he’ll eat that. If your cat digs canned meals, add water or broth to it to make it even wetter. Some cats love the soupy consistency this creates.

2. Try ice cubes in your cat’s meals

It provides moisture and it’s like a bit deal with for the cat. The dice takes on the meals’s taste, and whereas your cat’s licking the dice, he’s getting extra water, too. Ice cubes in your cat’s water bowl may work with a cat not ingesting water, too. Some cats choose icy-cold water, identical to some people do.

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3. Serve smaller, extra frequent meals

Eating prompts thirst, so a cat not ingesting water may drink extra water if he will get meals extra usually.

4. Place water bowls all through the home

Make it tremendous simple in your cat to get himself a drink by providing a number of agua stations all through the home. A cat not ingesting water might need bother accessing the water in query. My cat Romeo loves ingesting water out of my cups. Leaving a couple of strategically positioned ingesting glasses round may entice your cat to drink extra water, too.

5. Be conscious of the water bowl’s location

A cat not ingesting water may not like his water bowl’s location. Keep your cat’s water bowl away from his litter field. Would you need to drink close to your bathroom?

6. Make positive the bowls are refilled repeatedly

Cats like recent water — and who can blame them? Make positive to alter the water at the very least as soon as a day and wash out the bowl fully with cleaning soap and water repeatedly to maintain it from getting slimy and gross.

7. Tap into the tap

If your cat is drawn to working water, use this as a fantastic alternative to get him to drink extra! A cat not ingesting water may simply want you to show ingesting water right into a enjoyable sport. Try working the tap a couple of minutes a number of occasions a day. Build it into your morning and night routine, for instance, and create some good bonding time … over a protracted, chilly drink of water!

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8. Flavor the water

A cat not ingesting water may drink flavored water! You can attempt to make your cats drink extra water by flavoring it with a little bit of tuna juice or rooster broth.

9. Use cat fountains

Many cats like ingesting out of fountains. It may take some time for them to get the hold of it, however as soon as they do, they’ll adore it! Fountains are enticing as a result of the transferring water is attention-grabbing to the cat and it stays recent. This positively helps if you happen to neglect to alter your cat’s bowl each day.

10. Experiment with several types of cat bowls

Cats are finicky about nearly the whole lot (huge shocker!), and you may go forward and add ingesting bowls to that record. Test a couple of out (glass, chrome steel, ceramic or plastic) and also you may uncover your cat has a particular choice.

The backside line on what to find out about a cat not ingesting water

We can all stand to drink extra water, and your cat is not any exception. Helping your cat to drink extra water has many advantages and helps you keep away from the harmful well being problems with a dehydrated cat. More water = extra peeing = more healthy kitty = happier everyone!

Top {photograph}: Konstantin Aksenov/ Getty Images

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