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A tiny kitten who was rescued by himself, determined to tag together with everybody he met.

tiny small kitten

Andrzej the kittenMagdalena @tymczasemumagdy

A small kitten named Andrzej discovered himself at a big shelter in Poland, in want of foster care.

Magdalena Jaźwińskam, a fosterer based mostly in Pruszków, took him in so he might be cared for in a loving house setting. Little did she know simply how a lot pleasure he’d convey to different fosters in her home.

“When I introduced him house, he was a shy kitten and would fairly be sleeping and cuddling, however as he began to develop, he got here out of his shell and have become the bravest and most playful little kitten,” Magdalena shared with Love Meow.

Magdalena @tymczasemumagdy

Malaika the resident cat who adores different animals, was the primary to fulfill the brand new kitten.

When the tabby cat heard his tiny squeaks, she got here working and supplied some licks and TLC. Andrzej instantly nuzzled as much as her, and the 2 fell asleep in an cute embrace.

kitten cat sleeping

Andrzej fell asleep with Malaika the resident catMagdalena @tymczasemumagdy

Malaika took the kitten underneath her wing. She would wrap her arms round him and groom him from head to toe. When he changed into a ball of power, she would put up with all his antics.

Andrzej was over the moon to have a relentless companion. He soaked up all of the love, making up for misplaced time.

small kitten big cat

He appreciated to observe his feline buddy round the homeMagdalena @tymczasemumagdy

When Magdalena got here house with a foster pet, Dres, the kitten’s ears perked proper up and he was keen to fulfill the newcomer. The shy pup was a bit not sure in regards to the enthusiastic little buddy, however Andrzej made it his mission to win him over.

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“Dres got here from a shelter and was afraid of Andrzej originally (regardless of being bigger),” Magdalena informed Love Meow.

tiny kitten big dog

Then he met Dres the foster pupMagdalena @tymczasemumagdy

Andrzej insisted on trailing behind Dres and tried to get him to note him and play. The little feline would observe his canine buddy to his meals bowls and dangle round with him when he napped.

Watch the kitten and his buddies on this cute video:

Kitten and his furiends


The kitten’s power and confidence finally rubbed off on the shy pup, and Dres slowly opened up as he realized that the little man wasn’t so dangerous.

The kitten insisted on hanging round together with his canine buddy in every single place he wentMagdalena @tymczasemumagdy

Some time later, Andrzej observed that there was a second pet, Michael Scott, in the home, and was ecstatic to have one other playmate. When it got here time for a correct introduction, the 2 buddies hit it off with flying colours.

Andrzej cherished when he had a giant buddy to roughhouse with. The kitten was small for his age, however he was a bit of dynamo who held his personal when he wrestled with the pup.

puppy and kitten

Andrzej the kitten and Michael Scott the pup turned quick buddiesMagdalena @tymczasemumagdy

They loved scampering round the home, getting zoomies collectively, like they owned the place.

“Andrzej just isn’t afraid of something. He is at all times so pleased, pleasant and has an enormous urge for food,” Magdalena shared with Love Meow.

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Magdalena @tymczasemumagdy

The kitten with unbridled power was at all times looking out for hassle. He was the mastermind of mischief in the home, and Michael the pup regarded to him for the following antic to return.

Having his feline and canine buddies round gave the kitten the most effective of two worlds, and he shortly blossomed right into a assured, rambunctious younger cat.

Magdalena @tymczasemumagdy

When Andrzej was able to unfold his wings and fly, Magdalena hoped that the fitting household would come his method.

“I used to be so pleased when a household got here via, and he went to his new house yesterday. The better part is that he has a brand new ceaselessly brother named Carlos that he can play with.”

Magdalena @tymczasemumagdy

The candy kitten, now renamed Piksel, resides on a regular basis to the fullest. He continues his custom of following his relations round the home like their good little shadow.

Magdalena @tymczasemumagdy

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