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A kittycat with a hereditary problem is simply half of weight he need to be. But what he does not have in dimension, he offsets in character.

Tiny Tim the kittycatSheets Pet Clinic

Tiny Tim the kittycat was brought right into the foster/adoption program at Sheets Pet Clinic (a pet medical facility and also spay-neuter center in North Carolina) since he had an upper body bone defect and also required customized clinical focus.

“He was among the 8 kittycats birthed to an extremely young mommy. The individuals that located his mommy and also brother or sisters assumed he was the runt and also had not been expanding,” Sarah Hodges at Sheets Pet Clinic shown Love Meow.

Tiny Tim is 8 weeks old considering just 13 ounces, with the body of a 4-week-old kittycat. He has actually been identified with pectus excavatum (additionally called channel breast), a problem in which the breastbone penetrates the breast.

pectus excavatum, special needs kitten

Tiny Tim has actually a problem called pectus excavatumSheets Pet Clinic

“The hereditary problem is frequently recognizable soon after birth and also usually intensifies throughout the teenage development surge. It might be related to hereditary or connective cells illness,” the center created.

In Tiny Tim’s instance, his breast bone is pushing precariously near to his heart and also leaving really little area for his body organs. “He needs to consume a quarter sized dish every 2 hrs since that’s all he can take at once, given that he has such little room in his diaphragm and also top GI system,” Sarah informed Love Meow.

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Sheets Pet Clinic

Despite everything, the kittycat is an outright cuddle-bug and also never ever does not have the capability to regulate focus.

“He is a fan and also a competitor with a large will to live and also be typical. He will certainly attempt to play and also battle and also serve as any type of interested, energetic, 8-week-old kittycat would certainly.”

tiny but mighty kitten

Tiny Tim is half the dimension for his ageSheets Pet Clinic

Though Tiny Tim obtains weary quickly and also requires even more time to consume throughout the day, he is so endure and also figured out, and also constantly in excellent spirits.

“He is very cuddly and also essentially weeps if he sees you and also you’re not holding him (he has a large loud meow as well for such a little man),” Sarah shown Love Meow.

He needs for focus and also snugglesSheets Pet Clinic

“He constantly desires focus and also somebody to hold him, touch him, pet him, and also have fun with him somehow.”

Watch Tiny Tim the kittycat in this video clip:

Tiny Tim the kittycat


The vet group gets on goal to provide him the very best possibility at a pain-free, healthy and balanced life, which will certainly enable him to consume to his heart’s material and also play like any type of various other kittycat. They have actually spoken with an orthopedic expert for future medical treatment.

Sheets Pet Clinic

“We are all a bit anxious, however incredibly enthusiastic that his problem can be remedied with a facility, however proven-successful, orthopedic surgical treatment at Carolina Veterinary Specialists.”

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Tiny Tim is presently functioning his hardest to put on weight and also stamina. “The ortho expert states he’s as well underdeveloped for restorative surgical treatment currently. So we’ll wait while he expands.”

Tiny Tim obtaining cuddles and also kissesSheets Pet Clinic

The pleasant kittycat likes being satisfied and also doted on all the time. He never ever waits to require family pets and also snuggles from his individuals, absorbing all the love.

“He lost consciousness in a large pool of love in his foster mommy, Jennifer McCollum’s, arms.”

Sheets Pet Clinic

“His will certainly to live and also continue as a delighted, healthy and balanced, ruined rotten, ‘typical’ kittycat is extremely motivating.”

tiny purrito kitten

Tiny Tim is small however oh so magnificentSheets Pet Clinic

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