April 14, 2024


American Bird Conservancy (ABC) praises UNITED STATERep Mike Quigley ( D-IL) as well as Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) for reestablishing H.R. 919– Bird-Safe Buildings Act This bipartisan costs is developed to decrease bird death by asking for government structures to integrate bird-safe products as well as layout attributes. As numerous as 1 billion birds a year pass away in accidents with structures in the United States alone.

Congressman Mike Quigley has actually been the driving pressure behind this bipartisan regulation for greater than a years. “As a growing number of cities throughout the nation, consisting of Chicago as well as simply today Philadelphia, take on plans as well as techniques to stop bird-building accidents, the federal government needs to tip up as well as do its share,” statedCongressman Quigley “We can aid establish an instance for the nation as well as the globe as well as verify that bird-safe structure layout is affordable, very easy, as well as reliable.”

“Over the program of the last half a century, we have actually seen an awful decrease of greater than 25 percent of birds in North America with environment modification, environment loss, as well as logging working as the leading motorists,” statedSenator Booker “With the Bird-Safe Buildings Act, we have a chance to stop a significant variety of unneeded bird fatalities by including inexpensive bird-safe structure products as well as layout attributes right into our government structures.”

Canada Warbler, copyright Glyn Sellors, from the surfbirds galleries

Many bird-friendly layout methods– such as setting up displays or grilles on home windows as well as lessening using glass on reduced floorings– are currently made use of in some government structures to regulate warmth as well as light, or for protection. The suggested costs would certainly call for the General Services Administration to use comparable bird-safe steps, where achievable, to all brand-new as well as existing government structures.

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The regulation would certainly aid deal with among the best human-caused dangers to birds, statedDr Christine Sheppard, Director of ABC’s Glass Collisions Program, that included:

“Last Congress, the House passed the Bird-Safe Buildings Act two times under the management ofRepresentative Quigley Reintroduction of this bipartisan costs is required acknowledgment that bird death from constructing accidents, approximated at as much as 1 billion each year in the UNITED STATE alone, is a major factor to bird populace decreases.

“This realistic step would certainly route government structures to integrate bird-safe layout as well as products, lowering accidents as well as possibly conserving the lives of countless birds.”

Leading as much as this heartening information, in December 2019, the New York City Council passed the nation’s most detailed bird-friendly structures regulation. These developments are coming not a minute ahead of time for decreasing bird varieties: A research study released in Science in loss 2019 reported that the UNITED STATE as well as Canadian reproducing bird populace visited greater than one-quarter considering that 1970. According to New York City Audubon’s Project Safe Flight, 90,000 to 230,000 birds pass away after ramming glass yearly throughout their movements with New York City alone.

A 2014 research study located that the extensive White- throated Sparrow, Dark- considered Junco, Ovenbird, as well as Song Sparrow are amongst the varieties most generally eliminated by accidents with structures. The research study likewise reported that numerous varieties of nationwide preservation problem are specifically susceptible to accidents, consisting of the Wood Thrush, Golden- winged Warbler, Canada Warbler (visualized over), Kentucky Warbler, as well as Painted Bunting Fortunately, both house as well as industrial home windows conveniently can be made more secure for birds.

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