July 24, 2024


Vets have reported seeing a 39% rise in cats with urinary issues in the course of the pandemic in comparison with 2019. Our new routines are apparently guilty. The rise within the variety of cats with urinary issues has been linked to elevated ranges of stress attributable to adjustments in our routines.

Cats get harassed by lockdown too!

Elisabete Capitao, Vet and Vet Marketing Manager at Royal Canin mentioned, “The lockdown has been a disturbing time for a lot of homeowners, but it surely can be disturbing for our pets. Our regular routines have utterly modified for many people within the final yr. These adjustments can even trigger our pets – notably cats – to turn out to be harassed too, which might result in urinary issues. Numerous cats like routine, however lockdown has meant that we have been at dwelling much more than regular, which might unsettle them. Add homeschooled kids into the combination and there’s a lot extra noise and fewer quiet locations for our cats to flee to, which all provides to cats’ stress.”

How to identify the tell-tale indicators of urinary issues in cats

Lockdown has introduced some positives for the well being of our cats. Because homeowners have been confined to their houses and spending extra time with their pets, it’s been simpler for them to spot the small adjustments in behaviour that might be linked with urinary issues.

If your cat is struggling with a urinary downside, it might attempt to urinate extra usually and solely urinate just a little, or your cat could fail to take action in any respect. It could look strained or present indicators of ache when urinating and keep in a urinating place for longer than regular. Contact your vet for recommendation if you happen to discover any of those adjustments in your cat’s behaviour.

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Cats want me time

If your cat usually falls asleep on you, walks throughout your laptop computer when you’re working, or curls up in your mattress at night time, you might be shocked to see cats and private area talked about in the identical sentence. But permitting your cat to be in command of how and once they have area is essential to lowering stress, which may help to forestall future urinary issues.

Create a chill-out space on your cat

Create a secure area on your cat to cover in your house. This might be so simple as a cardboard field turned on its aspect with some acquainted bedding inside. Ideally, place it in an space of your property that is heat and presents some peace. Leaving cats alone once they’re of their designated secure area is necessary, so permit them to do as they please and discourage relations from disturbing them.


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