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This historical building is an uncommon independently possessed parcel in the center of an internationally considerable wild location: southerly Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, British Columbia’s biggest park at virtually 1 million hectares!

The building is globe well-known due to the fact that it is the website where trumpeter swans were revived from the side of termination by a leader and also his family members. It is additionally an important movement hallway for salmon, grizzly bears, and also various other wild animals.

Given its background and also its series of eco-friendly worths in the heart of southerly Tweedsmuir Park, our objective is to buy and also completely shield this building, making it an indispensable component of this extraordinary huge unblemished wild location.

We have actually safeguarded an arrangement for Purchase and also Sale and also have up until May 1st, 2021 to protect the financing. If we’re not able to increase the funds to buy this building, it will certainly be offered independently.

Trumpeter Swan, copyright Glyn Sellors, from the surfbirds galleries


Lonesome Lake is located 69km southeast of Bella Coola, BC.It is snuggled in the big Atnarko-Kliniklini trench system, which gets to southwards from the Bella Coola Valley, with the Atnarko River system, onto the Kliniklini Valley – – and also flanks Mt Waddington– to inevitably get to the head ofKnight Inlet This extraordinary land development is so huge that it can be seen from room.

Lonesome Lake is listed below Hunlen Falls, a 260 metre high falls with among highest possible unbroken decrease in Canada.


In 1913, a boy called Ralph Edwards was given a 153-acre system of come down on Lonesome Lake as component of a state homesteading program, some 40 miles from the closest human negotiation.

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Ralph invested the following years alone, functioning the land and also constructing a residence, hardly ever leavingLonesome Lake After offering in WWI he went back to Lonesome Lake, wed a regional lady, and also had 3 youngsters. The Edwards family members expanded well-known for their introducing self-sufficiency and also Do It Yourself principles.

Beyond such points as making their very own footwear and also rotating woollen right into apparel, achievements consisted of a water-powered sawmill and also also an electric-generator powered by the river.

In 1925, the Canadian federal government got Edwards’ assistance to feed the regional populace of trumpeter swans throughout winter season. Decades of over-hunting suggested this types were dealing with termination. Ralph and also his family members functioned relentlessly to make certain that auxiliary feed got to the birds and also, in the years adhering to, the populace expanded gradually.

During Elizabeth II’s 1951 trip of Canada, she was assured a Dominion present of trumpeter swans. The just swans tame sufficient to record were those at Lonesome Lake as they had actually been fed for years. In 1952, with the assistance of Ralph and also his child Trudy, 5 were recorded and also flown to England.

As Edwards’ ranch and also family members thrived, word of his achievements spread out, and also in 1957 his bio, Crusoe of Lonesome Lake was released. This was quickly adhered to by a look on the Christmas Day version ofThis Is Your Life Ralph died in 1977 aged 86 and also the building continues to be in his family members.

We take pleasure in trumpeter swans today as a result of Lonesome Lake and also the Edwards family members. Without wild locations and also individuals that care, types go to danger of termination.


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Due to its place on the trans-Coast Mountain migratory path, Lonesome Lake has actually long included crucial waterfowl populaces, specifically the remarkably huge trumpeter swans – – men typical over 26 extra pounds, making them North America’s heaviest flying bird.

In the very early 1930s & & 40s, trumpeter swans virtually went vanished as a result of too much searching in the United States and alsoCanada At one factor it was approximated that just regarding 100 trumpeter swans continued to be on the planet, and also regarding 1/3 of them wintered at Lonesome Lake, feeding in the ice-free locations of the rivers. Thanks to Ralph’s initiative the populace expanded constantly throughout the years and also by the 1960’s it had actually gotten to 600.

Due to the fabulous and also worldwide popular initiatives of Ralph Edwards these impressive huge white birds were conserved from termination For that factor alone, this building is of global preservation value, specifically among the North American wild animals neighborhood. However, with this building currently offered for industrial acquisition the swans’ future is once more in jeopardy.

We think securing this website will certainly allow swans to remain to utilize their environment uninterrupted. It will certainly additionally allow internationally considerable clinical area research study right into a variety of eco-friendly, fish, wild animals, and also environment subjects. It has actually sustained this kind of research study pertaining to trumpeter swans in the past.


The Atnarko River is the key tributary of theBella Coola River As an outcome, Lonesome Lake is a significant spawning website for top quality sockeye salmon and also trophy-sized steelhead trout. These fish act as a food resource and also attractant for the extraordinary grizzly bear populaces of the Bella Coola/Atnarko location.

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The Atnarko-Kliniklini trench is the key movement hallway for grizzly bears, moose, and also 140 types of migratory birds to permeate with and also go across British Columbia’s remarkable southerly Coast Mountains, from the inside to the sea, and also back.


The Atnarko-Kliniklini Trench and also Lonesome Lake sustain old development inside Douglas Fir woodlands. This is the biggest undamaged old development stretch of this completely dry woodland kind continuing to be in BC – –Interior Douglas Fir area environment.

Due for logging which has actually happened in inside Douglas Fir woodlands throughout southern indoor BC, the Interior Douglas Fir area is one of the most threatened inland woodland in British Columbia.

Because the Atnarko-Kliniklini Trench links with to the Pacific Ocean at Bella Coola (to the northwest), and also Knight Inlet to the south, a rank of lowland woodland environments, from damp to completely dry and after that back to damp, takes place along this trench.

Lonesome Lake is located in the driest section of this woodland rank. This makes this valley, and also the subject personal property, of extraordinary eco-friendly worth.

We think that the globe will certainly be influenced by the following phase in this fish story. While people have actually created much damages to our setting and also various other types, we are efficient in revitalizing and also securing them.

Just as Ralph Edwards and also his family members brought the swans back from the side of termination, your participation in this tale can motivate individuals around the globe to revive regional wild animals populaces and also shield their environments, for life.


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