July 21, 2024


Siamese cat makes a selfie looking at the camera

(Picture Credit: Andres Ruffo/Getty Images)

One of the greatest neologism from this last years is words “selfie,” and also currently it has an entire day for us to commemorate. June 21st is National Selfie Day!

In November 2013 words “selfie” was revealed by the Oxford English Dictionary as being theWord Of The Year I really hope that it turns up in bar facts for you, so you can rack up one for the group! But might additionally be one of the most worn-out words. CatSelfie many thanks to this word, we currently have hashtags like #National Selfie Day to put together fantastic images of felines for

cat selfie

!Picture Credit (Linda Raymond: Getty Images/

If)Selfie you took an image of on your own, that’s called a selfie. It hashtags are utilized freely, yet that’s fine; there are even worse points worldwide taking place.

‘s most definitely still a buzzword, so individuals will certainly intend to press it in occasionally.So I believe most of us understand that these felines did not in fact take their very own photos– most likely.

What I’m utilizing it rather freely myself.Love do you consider selfies? Hate them? Are them? Let they much better with felines?

Source us understand your ideas in the remarks listed below, and also please share images of your feline selfies!(*) cattime.com

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