June 25, 2024


We are virtually shutting this extremely weird 2020, a year that required a lot from all, and also for us nature enthusiasts also. It is difficult to disregard all the problem we have actually had, yet we ought to certainly take pleasure in the bright side also.

With the European Bird Census Council, we collectively release the 2nd version of the European Breeding Bird Atlas, most likely resident scientific research task ever before performed in the world. The atlas is a landmark for nature preservation in Europe, and also it entailed our Bird Life family members for greater than 5 years.

Exaggerating? I do not believe so. Can you call one more volunteer-based task executed over 5 years, covering virtually each and every single area from Cadiz to Finland, from Georgia to Ireland? Do you understand of any kind of various other magazine based upon the job of greater than 120000 volunteers?

Useful? Incredibly so. Why? Because it is based upon and also makes use of something that everybody, regardless of whether we’re specialists or institution youngsters, can quickly comprehend … MAPS. The European Breeding Bird Atlas does not have complex solutions or graphes. You transform the web page and also you obtain an excellent picture, a brief message suggesting modifications on the bird ´ s circulation and also a lovely map. No much more, no much less. You do not require anything else since when scientific research is strong, it can be quickly described.

Black Woodpecker, copyright Glyn Sellors, from the surfbirds galleries

The European Breeding Bird Atlas is additionally a win for civil culture. Coordinated by the European Bird Census Council, it has actually relied on the assistance of numerous various other organizations, public and also exclusive, and also the function of the Bird Life family members has actually been merely remarkable. For greater than 5 years, BLI companions have actually both collected information, common nationwide atlas information, educated associates and also evaluated outcomes. I keep in mind a journey to Ukraine in 2015. The purpose was to sustain the job done by the BLI neighborhood companion USPB, yet additionally to educate various other volunteers and also federal government authorities, so they might execute the studies. 5 years later on, the Ukranian squares are repainted blue (suggesting they are of high quality). Despite restrictions, in spite of minimized budget plans, bird enthusiasts around the continent have actually provided an excellent job of scientific research, one that will straight affect our following preservation and also plan top priorities.

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If we checked out all guide ´ s types maps from a local viewpoint, this Atlas is sending us some extremely effective messages:

  • It validates that farmland types, such as the Ortolan pennant, or the Great bustard, experience farming accumulation Their arrays have actually been minimized, since their vital environments and also food are going away.
  • It informs us that land desertion has actually preferred the regrowth of woodland plant types, which has actually additionally indicated boosted environments for types such as the Black Woodpecker.
  • It confirms that Climate Change is occurring right prior to our very own eyes. We have actually observed a mean northward change of 28km. Some types have changed greater than others, yet can you think of the effects of this change, particularly for much far-off travelers that are being strained in their look for food and also sanctuary?
  • It informs us that nonnative and also unusual types maintain spreading out. Illegal or insufficiently controlled profession have actually indicated a development of the series of these types, with straight, and also in numerous circumstances adverse effect on our indigenous types.
  • Conservation does job. Whenever we had the ability to safeguard vital environments, such as marshes, we have actually observed better circulation of waterbirds. Similarly, those types detailed as Annex I on EU Birds Directive or secured under the Bern Convention have actually done much better. This is exceptionally crucial, since if the types boost, so do the solutions they supply (afflict control, seed growing, carrion elimination.). In various other words, when we buy nature, nature pays us back in spades.
  • It reveals federal government authorities, and also possible benefactors and also capitalists, the vital areas seeking immediate activity. Pick your favored types and also you will certainly see where and also why their circulation has actually altered. Tailoring certain preservation tasks, guaranteeing framework takes their visibility right into account, and also leading lasting financial investment can currently be done better and also carefully many thanks to this publication.
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Christmas is coming, and also I can not believe of a far better existing to request for and also to provide. This job was done by people, and also for people, and also although COVID indicates we can not release it in an amphitheater loaded with ecstatic media, birders, researchers and also nature-lovers, I understand it will certainly quickly occupy our racks and also checking out areas, since it is merely superb.

Discover much more on the European Breeding Bird Atlas and also just how to buy your duplicate

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