April 16, 2024


RSPB Scotland has actually articulated issues concerning bird populaces if the Stornoway Wind Farm proposition proceeds in its existing type.

A 33-turbine wind ranch recommended near Stornoway is anticipated to have considerable adverse effect on crucial bird populaces on Lewis, consisting of developing chicken harriers as well as white-tailed eagles.

RSPB Scotland has actually sent an argument to the application, as a result of the most likely range of effect on birds with danger of accident, variation as well as disruption. The charity is looking for the elimination of 6 wind turbines.

The proposition would certainly be a choice to the wind ranch consented on the exact same website in 2012, which has actually not yet been developed. It would certainly be for bigger wind turbines, as much as 180 metres in elevation, with an enhanced growth impact.

Bird studies accomplished for the brand-new application videotaped a lot more bird task in the location contrasted to the studies for the previous application.

The programmers very own modelling forecasts that over the 25-year lifetime of the wind ranch, about 16 white-tailed eagles, 12 red-throated scuba divers, 8 gold eagles as well as 4 chicken harriers would certainly be eliminated with accidents with generator blades. These are all varieties of preservation worry about across the country or globally crucial populaces onLewis Population designing forecasts that this variety of accidents would certainly have a substantial effect on the dimension of future populaces of these varieties throughout Lewis.

Red- throated Diver, copyright Glyn Sellors, from the surfbirds galleries

In enhancement to these anticipated accidents with wind turbines, birds are likewise in jeopardy from variation as well as disruption. Several wind turbines are recommended near the nesting as well as roosting locations of red-throated scuba diver as well as chicken harrier. These varieties are delicate to disruption as well as normally nest as well as roost far from locations of human task as well as growth. RSPB Scotland is worried that by putting wind turbines so near reproducing as well as roosting websites, these bird areas can be shed entirely or birds trying to nest would certainly be interrupted, which can cause nest desertion. There are developed standards for ‘disruption complimentary’ locations around nest websites of delicate varieties, however RSPB Scotland is worried that this support has actually not been adhered to by the programmer, Lewis Wind Power.

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RSPB Scotland is specifically worried concerning the result on a brand-new populace of chicken harriers that has actually developed in the location given that 2015. This is the initial videotaped populace of chicken harriers to reproduce on Lewis as well as currently stands at roughly 10 sets. Hen harriers are across the country limited, as well as their populace is decreasing, with the Scottish populace approximated to be simply 460 sets. The lot of money of chicken harriers somewhere else in Scotland make their look on Lewis a lot more crucial. RSPB Scotland are afraid that the existing wind ranch proposition endangers their future on the island.

In 2018 the remains of a dead gold eagle that had actually rammed the neighbouring Pentland Road Wind Farm were discovered. Then in 2020, a white-tailed eagle was saved by the Scottish SPCA near the exact same wind ranch with serious injuries believed to have actually been triggered by a wind turbine accident. This bird ultimately passed away in bondage as a result of the level of its injuries. These 2 thought eagle accidents have actually been videotaped simply a couple of years right into the procedure of this tiny, 6 generator wind ranch.

Robin Reid, Conservation Officer for the RSPB on the Outer Hebrides claimed: “We are worried concerning what will certainly take place to bird populaces throughout Lewis if this proposition proceeds in its existing type. We understand that white-tailed eagles, gold eagles, red-throated scuba divers as well as chicken harriers are at risk to wind ranch effects as well as this is highlighted by the current eagle accidents videotaped at thePentland Road Wind Farm Whilst it has actually been amazing to witness the current look of chicken harriers nesting on Lewis, which were reported on in 2014, this proposition currently endangers more growth of harriers on the island. We are helpful of renewable resource growth, as it is required to battle the environment emergency situation, however propositions need to go to a range as well as situated in locations where they do not have a harmful effect on wild animals.”

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