July 24, 2024


cat drinking water

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Cats can have a bizarre relationship with water. Some cats don’t even drink sufficient to maintain themselves hydrated. But what occurs when cats drink an excessive amount of water?

Cats could be non-public about their day-to-day habits, like grooming, utilizing the litter field, and consuming. So should you’re noticing your cat is spending extra time on the water bowl — or faucet, or your water glass — then it’s probably a major change.

One day of additional thirst may not be a lot to fret about. But in case your cat drinks additional water for greater than a day, it’s best to take discover.

So what’s happening when your cat is consuming an excessive amount of water? Why are they a lot thirstier than standard? What must you do about it? Here are a number of phrases of recommendation.

Why Your Cat Is Drinking More Water

Cats are inclined to a number of well being issues that exhibit as elevated thirst. Unfortunately, kidney failure and diabetes (mellitus) are pretty frequent in middle-aged to senior cats.

Typically, the rise in water consumption is accompanied by weight reduction and extra urine output, so should you discover all or any of those, your cat ought to be seen by a veterinarian for an examination, blood work, and urinalysis.

Early detection is finest – kidney failure is extra efficiently managed within the early levels, and untreated diabetic cats can develop a doubtlessly deadly complication known as diabetic ketoacidosis.

Less constantly, elevated thirst could be related to hyperthyroidism, urinary tract issues, and even most cancers.

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One day of consuming additional water doesn’t essentially imply something is fallacious, however a number of thirsty days is an efficient cause to see your veterinarian.

Have you ever seen your cat consuming extra water than standard? Did they’ve a medical problem that prompted the thirst? Let us know within the feedback beneath!

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