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Reflexology for pet cats and also people isn’t a brand-new idea. In reality, it’s an old method searching for grip in this modern-day globe.

Dating back to 2330 BC, Ancient Egyptian art recommends the concept of massage therapy for recovery. And old China supplies a message on standard Chinese medication created someplace in between 2,600 to 300 BC. The web pages of emperor Huangdi’s Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine review the concept of yin and also yang in addition to massage therapy and also power factor treatments.

The suggestions bordering reflexology were apparently exercised by Native Americans well prior to European transplants went across theAtlantic Ocean Pinpointing the precise beginnings of stress factor treatment is difficult. And though its origins are hazy, an increasing number of individuals are finding out the advantages reflexology can have for themselves and also their pet cats.

reflexology for cats

What is Reflexology?

The art of reflexology supposes every component of the body is attached to an additional factor in the body. Therefore, supplying massage therapy and also stress to particular factors can use alleviation and also recovery to the matching linked position on the body.

Jackie Segers, feline fan and also accredited reflexologist, clarifies, “Reflexology is a cross in between massage therapy and also acupressure. It’s based upon the concept that the feet, in addition to the ears and also face of an individual or pet, have a best map of the body. In various other words, they mirror the body.”

In enhancement to advertising recovery in the body, reflexology approaches additionally advertise equilibrium in psychological and also psychological fields. To placed it just, the goal of reflexology is to trigger the power facilities of the body in order to locate an equilibrium in the physical and also the spiritual.

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For instance, Segers advises, “Stroke the location in between the eyes in an upwards instructions in the direction of the head. This advertises leisure, hormone policy and also left brain/right mind equilibrium.”

Segers has actually long been exercising the art with her very own pet cats and also has actually additionally created a message on the topic. She remembers her primary steps right into reflexology for pet cats and also the number of would certainly examine the technique. Her feedback has constantly been to explain reflexology benefit individuals, so why not pet cats also?

“Humans and also pets share comparable composition and also physiology and also have the same power facilities and also paths in their bodies. We additionally handle most of the very same wellness obstacles and also experience comparable feelings and also anxieties in our lives.”

The Benefits of Reflexology for Cats

Beyond having their minion there to massage therapy their paws, pet cats take advantage of reflexology in the adhering to methods:

  • Increases the body’s power and also permits the complimentary circulation of qi for total well balanced living
  • Strengthens the body immune system
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Boosts psychological wellness
  • Detoxifies body organ systems for much better feature
  • Improves blood flow
  • Relieves discomfort
  • Aids food digestion
  • Forms tighter bonds in between pet cats and also their people via additional physical get in touch with

To damp your feet on the planet of reflexology, right here are some strategies and also pointers to assist your feline obtain utilized to the recovery touches.

Peaceful Paws

Many pet cats aren’t huge followers of being discussed the feet. But you can assist your cat find out to appreciate a paw massage therapy. Help cat partner paw touches with good ideas by utilizing favorable support. Start with a mild, tranquil finger stroke to a paw, and afterwards provide your feline a reward or some love. Gradually enhance the touching till your feline is great with having his feet took care of.

reflexology for cats

Once you have actually come to cat convenience, Seger advises, “An excellent way to start a paw reflexology session is to massage therapy the within reduced leg and also paw, which represent the back. This benefits reduced back and also hip pain however can additionally assist the entire body feature much better, considering that all the nerves that come off the back attach to every essential framework, gland, and also body organ in the body.”

All Ears for Calm

Those fuzzy triangulars that jerk, squash, and also swivel are in charge of a great deal greater than hearing when reflexology concepts are used. When it concerns anxiety and also anxiousness, brushing the ears can “assist launch endorphins, those feel-good chemicals comparable to morphine, so this is especially beneficial for demanding occasions such as relocating residence, Fourth of July fireworks, and also sees to the veterinarian.”

reflexology for cats

Learn More About Reflexology for Cats

For a much deeper trip right into the recovery touch of reflexology for pet cats, take a look at these sources:




And remember, similar to any type of brand-new method entailing felines, speak to your veterinarian regarding reflexology for pet cats.

Besides attempting to provide your feline the healthiest life feasible, “Reflexology supplies a reciprocatory exchange of love and also recovery that compensates both the provider and also the receiver. When you use reflexology to your feline, you assist rebalance the human/feline bond and also produce a sensation of genuine love and also gratification.”

And to be liked by a feline produces the happiest of powers in a feline fan’s heart!

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