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Two bonded cats who had been discovered pregnant within the open air, are elevating their kittens collectively.

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Pickle and Olive, two tabby cats, had been delivered to Nashville Cat Rescue for an opportunity at a greater life. They had been present in a cat colony within the Greater Nashville space, and each had been anticipating on the identical time.

“The household that was working to help this colony, decided that the ladies had been pleasant and likewise each pregnant. When they contacted the rescue, that they had one ask – that the ladies keep collectively, even when it was time for them to be adopted,” Kiki, a foster volunteer of Nashville Cat Rescue, informed Love Meow.

The tabbies had been inseparable from the beginning. Despite being a bit shy at first, having their greatest pal close by gave them a way of consolation and helped them regulate to the brand new surroundings.

tabby cats, best friends, olive, pickleNashville Cat Rescue

“It was clear that the ladies liked one another and felt secure collectively. I spent as a lot time as I may with them, whereas nonetheless respecting their want for house,” Kiki shared with Love Meow.

“I needed to make sure as infants got here that they had been snug with me aiding as wanted, or simply doing the easy requirements like weighing the kittens each day.”

Nashville Cat Rescue

Slowly however certainly, the 2 feline sisters started to heat as much as their foster mother. Pickle, being the extra approachable of the 2, began to entertain the concept of getting petted. When she realized that head scritches felt nice and that her human meant good, her demeanor rapidly rubbed off on Olive.

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“If I used to be petting on Pickle, Olive would are available for some love.”

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Just a few weeks later, Pickle went into labor and gave start to a litter of six (the place 5 survived). “While Pickle was doing the mommy issues, Olive would attempt to nonetheless brush up towards her within the playpen.”

Olive turned Pickle’s largest cheerleader and a pillar of power as she continually purred into her ears and showered her with snuggles.

Nashville Cat Rescue

“After a couple of week, I stored seeing Olive contained in the playpen hanging out with the infants. She began to take care of them like they had been her personal and apparently turned slightly protecting over them as I attempted to weight them.”

A few days later, Kiki got here into the foster room to discover a tiny new face nursing amongst the others — Olive simply had her first kitten.

Nashville Cat Rescue

Watch Pickle, Olive and their kittens on this cute video:

Cat greatest mates and their kittens

24 hours later, she gave start to a different, however the small litter dimension and the bizarre time lapse between kittens prompted some considerations.

“I took her to the vet to make sure every part was okay. She needed to go in for an emergency c-section, which finally saved her life.”

cat moms, kittens, babiesNashville Cat Rescue

Both mothers sadly misplaced one child of their very own however gained a brand new litter from one another. They are elevating all of the kittens collectively as a crew, and the little ones are getting double the quantity of motherly love.

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Whenever one of many mothers wants a break, the opposite is watching over all of the infants.

Nashville Cat Rescue

“Pickle and Olive are such a pleasure to observe and their kittens are undeniably cute. They swap infants and take care of one another’s like they had been their very own,” Kiki shared with Love Meow.

The kittens are actually 2-3 weeks previous, and have shaped a tight-knit clowder. They nap in an cute cuddle puddle embraced by their mothers.

two cat moms, kittens, nursing, raise kittensNashville Cat Rescue

As the kittens get extra energetic and curious, they may begin exploring round their playpen. Mama Pickle and Olive are at all times close by, ensuring they’re secure.

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“Pickle has 5 ladies and Olive has two little boys. I name them cousin sisters and cousin brothers. They are rising a lot daily, and Pickle and Olive have turn into increasingly trusting.”

Nashville Cat Rescue

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