May 21, 2024


Quick Facts

  • Weight: regarding 12 extra pounds
  • Height: regarding 10 inches

Russian Blues are renowned for their luxurious blue layer, which is consistent in shade from one pet cat to an additional. The layer has a silvery shine, the outcome of silver tipping on the hair.

The type has huge, rounded eco-friendly eyes as well as a cobra-like face. The head is wedge-shaped, as well as the ears are huge as well as sharp. The body is lean as well as fine-boned, although securely muscled, offering the pet cat a sophisticated appearance.


  • Plush blue layer
  • Affectionate
  • Gentle
  • Shy with complete strangers
  • Playful

Ideal Human Companion

  • Working songs
  • First- time pet cat proprietors
  • Families with older youngsters

What They Are Like to Live With

Russian Blues are understood for being both smart as well as independent. They are reasonably energetic, as well as like to play. They are additionally really caring as well as hit it off with children as well as various other animals.

These felines end up being connected to relative, yet can be timid with complete strangers. They do not such as adjustments in their regular or atmosphere as well as favor a spick-and-span can. They are usually peaceful as well as quickly trainable.


Things You Should Know

Russian Blues are usually cautious of complete strangers, as well as will certainly conceal when firm comes by.

This type is picky regarding its can, as well as desires it maintained spick-and-span. If package is unclean, a Russian Blue might choose to remove in other places.

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Russian Blues can be really independent.

They are not thought to be connected to various other short-coated blue types, like the Korat, Chartreux or the British Shorthair.


The background of the Russian Blue is shrouded in enigma. Some think the type stemmed on the Archangel Isles in Northern Russia, as well as was offered Europe by seafarers in the 1800s. Legend mentions that the Russian Blue is an offspring of the imperial felines possessed by the Russian Czars.

Originally called the Archangel Cat, the Russian Blue was very first program in 1875 inEngland It was very first received its very own course in 1912. In the very early 1900s, the type was imported right into theUnited States The Russian Blue was almost shed throughout World War II as reproducing involved a close to quit. An effort to conserve the type began in the 1940s as dog breeders from various nations utilized various other types to increase the subsiding genetics swimming pool. In the 1960s, a team of British dog breeders unified to recover the Russian Blue to its initial look, as well as functioned to reproduce out the attributes that arised from these cross reproductions.

The type was at some point identified in the UNITED STATE by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), The International Cat Association (TICA) as well as the American Cat Fancier’s Association (AFCA).