March 2, 2024


Global populace: 252,000-253,000 sets.


Wingspan: 118– 126 centimeters

Life period: over twenty years. The earliest videotaped Cory’s Shearwater passed away at 40 years of ages! He was ringed in Selvagens (Portugal) as well as passed away in Plettenberg Bay (South Africa)

Distinct attributes: When flying, this seabird can be identified by their lengthy glides over the water. Up close, you’ll see that the Cory’s Shearwater plumes are brown grey on their upperpart with paler top tail coverts as well as creamy colored underparts. Their expense is a light pinkish yellow, with black colour near the idea as well as tube form nostrils utilized to purge excess salt.

Main target: Cory’s Shearwaters exploit little pelagic fish as well as squid, captured on the surface area and also as deep as 15 meters. They are drawn in to angling watercrafts to eat offal.


Cory’s Shearwaters friend with the exact same companion at the exact same reproducing website each year. Young birds get to maturation in between the ages 5 to 7, prior to which they invest their whole time mixed-up. Breeding period begins inApril Females lay a solitary egg in between the center as well as end of May, with moms and dads sharing incubation tasks. The egg hatches at the end of July as well as the chick fledges inOctober

Cory’s Shearwaters primarily reproduce in caverns, burrows as well as gaps under dropped rocks in islands as well as islands. They are incredibly devoted to their reproducing websites as well as often tend to go back to the nest where they were birthed, each year. Even adolescent shearwaters that invest their very first years of life mixed-up go back to try to find possible companions. Cory’s Shearwaters display migratory versatility in between years, implying they do not have a collection location throughout their movement throughout theAtlantic Ocean Age as well as experience gradually affect the improvement of migratory behavior as well as year-round spatial circulation.

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Population circulation

This seabird primarily types in the Atlantic islands of the Portuguese islands of Azores as well as Madeira, in addition to theCanary Islands A smaller sized populace likewise types on the Berlengas Islands as well as couple of sets in the Western Mediterranean container. Most Cory’s Shearwaters winter months in theAtlantic During their movement trip they comply with an 8-shape pattern with constant stops around West African coastlines as well as the Southwestern coastlines of Ireland as well asGreat Britain

The biggest nest includes around 30 000 sets as well as is located in Portugal, on the island ofSelvagem Grande Other big nests with about 11 000 sets each are the Chinijo Archipelago, Lanzarote, as well as theCanary Islands

Main risks

  • Bycatch
  • Invasive unusual varieties as well as presented killers such as rats as well as pet cats
  • Illegal searching or capturing
  • Light air pollution

BirdLife as well as Cory’s Shearwaters

Our Portuguese Partner SPEA is the ambassador of this varieties as well as job relentlessly to secure this seabird. Their project “Ilhas Santu ário para as Aves Marinhas” reveals the marvels of the Cory’s reproducing duration. The Cory’s will certainly likewise gain from SPEA’s job to decrease light air pollution as well as increase the power effectiveness of brand-new lights modern technology! On SPEAs Facebook web page, you can uncover their incredible deal with seabirds in the Macaronesian islands!

Fun reality

In pop culture, shearwaters are called spirits, ghosts and even evil ones as a result of their strange phone call that appears a like an infant weeping or the “noise of a shed spirit”. Listen to their phone call below as well as choose on your own.

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