June 13, 2024


Two research revealed final September within the journal Science handle the century-long riddle of why some birds, regardless of having a radically totally different forebrain group than mammals, display comparable cognitive skills.

The research report {that a} neuron-dense a part of the avian mind, the pallium, might assist birds obtain these cognitive feats, together with acutely aware consciousness. Instead of the hallmark layering discovered within the cerebral cortex of mammals, the pallium in birds is characterised by excessive neuron density.

Using 3D-polarized gentle imaging and neural circuit tracing strategies, Martin Stacho of German’s Ruhr-University Bochum and colleagues characterised the anatomy of the pallium in pigeons and owls, which allowed them to visualise the area’s neuronal construction in nice element. Stacho found that the pallial fibers’ construction and circuitry in every of the distantly associated chicken species are strikingly just like the layered structure of the mammalian cortex. This group will be the basis of birds’ distinctive cognitive skills.

Andreas Nieder of the University of Tübingen in Germany and colleagues noticed the neuronal response in skilled Carrion Crows as they responded to visible stimuli. The outcomes revealed that, just like the prefrontal cortex of primates, the pallium of crows reveals neural exercise that seemingly corresponds to the animal’s notion about what it has seen, which can be a marker for consciousness, in accordance with the authors.

The two research increase an attention-grabbing suggestion – may the mammalian cortex-like neural {hardware} that permits for advanced cognitive skills, equivalent to consciousness, have already existed within the final widespread ancestor of birds and mammals 320 million years in the past? Or, maybe, it arose independently in each courses, regardless of very totally different forebrain organizations, by the use of convergent evolution.

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