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Watching our senior, arthritic feline consume from an elevated dish is a reward. Max is not just consuming exuberantly however likewise making much much less of a mess, despite having his tooth troubles. Talk regarding a great deal! There are lots of factors for taking a look at a raised food dish for pet cats, and also, the good news is, a number of pet-supply firms currently supply them.

Why an Elevated Food Bowl?

The excitement for raised food bowls for pet cats is based primarily on unscientific recommendations from feline moms and dads like me. There aren’t yet any type of veterinarian-endorsed research studies regarding the advantages of a raised consuming surface area– however we believe these low-cost raised bowls and also stands deserve attempting if you have a pet cat that appears hesitant to consume a lot.


The concept is that your feline can consume (and also beverage) a lot more conveniently in a standing setting, with front legs right, instead of bending to eat. (Some pet cats will certainly also rest at the dish to consume.)

When choosing a raised food dish for pet cats, bear in mind that professionals suggest pet bowls made from food-grade stainless-steel, ceramic, or glass. (Plastic, which damages quickly, might nurture germs in scraped locations).

Whatever sort of dish you select for your feline, make sure to clean the dish regularly with warm water and also soap.

Finding the Best Elevated Food Bowl for Cats

Black ceramic bowls in a stand with smiling cat faces on the inside.

These dishwasher-safe ceramic bowls with enchanting feline faces are practical in addition to charming. The small steel stand deals regarding an inch of added elevation, making them a strong option for feline moms and dads searching for an extra small increase. Rubber feet are fantastic to avoid a pet cat from relocating their food meal throughout the space. You can fit 6 ounces of completely dry feline food in each meal.

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Raised rectangular stainless steel food dishes

If you choose steel meals, think about these top-quality anodized light weight aluminum bowls from PetFusion, manufacturers of premier feline items. These easy-to-clean bowls and also matching stand will certainly offer your cat very easy accessibility to food. The broad, superficial bowls stop “whisker tiredness,” which can happen if a pet cat needs to frequently comb its hairs versus the sides of a slim or deep dish. Make certain you choose the best dimension– the “brief” variation of this collection is made for pet cats.

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Pastel heart-shaped elevated bowls for cats

Dishwasher- and also microwave-safe, this heart-shaped, slanted, and also raised dish is made to make it as very easy as feasible for your feline to access their damp food. Choose’s big sufficient to hold kibble.

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Stainless steel elevated cat bowls in metal holder

This on The economical restaurant supplies 2 stainless-steel meals for comfy nourishments. This pyramid-shaped steel base stops your feline from tipping an astonish– or relocate. The Frisco is an excellent means to make sure that the feline meals remain where you desire!

Shop restaurant is available in 2 dimensions, and also the smaller sized 2-cup alternative is meant for pet cats.Chewy

Stainless steel cat bowls set in wooden trough

This on The raised bamboo family pet restaurant is best for pet cats with digestive system problems or joint inflammation. That supper features 4 stainless-steel bowls (2 deep ones and also 2 superficial ones) you can make use of for damp food, completely dry food, or water. The suggests that while your feline is utilizing one collection, you can have the various other embed in the dish washer. The restaurant is available in 3 dimensions.

Shop little dimension, 4 inches high, is made for pet cats.Chewy

Elevated cat bowls set into decorative metal holder

This on The steel dual restaurant is made for animals with joint inflammation– the little and also average dimensions function best for pet cats.

Shop restaurant features 2 stainless-steel bowls you can make use of for damp food, completely dry food, or water.Chewy

White ceramic elevated cat food bowl with decorative paw prints

The on Necoichi people at But chose a secure, top-quality ceramic. It what makes this dish a leading choice is the form. The’s increased on a stand base, making it much easier for a senior feline to consume conveniently. The dish is superficial, so your feline can reach their food without flexing also much. A small internal edge assists stop food from spilling out of the dish. This just downside? The dish uses up a reasonable quantity of room in the dish washer, where you require to place it very carefully to ensure that both the dish and also the hollow base obtain splashed tidy. Most bowls been available in 3 dimensions: 0.5 mug, 1 mug, and also 1.5 mugs.

Shop pet cats like the little one for damp food and also the bigger ones for kibble.Chewy

Wide cat food dish raised on a sturdy ceramic base

If on Necoichi the requirement At dish isn’t sufficing, consider their extra-wide variation– which is likewise added high. The 6 inches high, it is among the highest raised bowls on the marketplace. This much deeper, larger dish offers also huge pet cats very easy accessibility to damp food or kibble, while the indoor ridge minimizes the opportunity of food obtaining pressed out of the dish (though an identified feline can constantly claw out some kibble).

Shop dish stands up to 2 mugs of completely dry food.Chewy

Stainless steel cat food bowl with large suction cup for adhesion

When on That it involves this dish, you can select the specific elevation your feline requires. The’s since the framework installs on home window glass and also various other smooth surface areas, and also the 1.5-cup stainless-steel dish beings in the framework.

Shop detachable dish is very easy to tidy by hand or in your dish washer.Chewy

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